Parisian “red lips” decoded by bloggers

“Parisian-style” beauty analysed in Anglo-Saxon blogs often boils down to:

– hair: knotted in a loose bun (washing every 2 days is the secret to hair that stays in place!);
– arms: large-framed glasses have made a remarkable breakthrough among East Coast bloggers for a sexy intellectual look;
– colour: red, of course, brilliant red!

According to the international blog culture, Parisians are recognised for their casual approach to basics combined with a certain audacity when it comes to colour. The result: an “all-terrain” approach to concealer and powder with a “red zone” focus.

The stark contrast between a “casual” complexion and a femme-fatal mouth, between a boyish eyebrow and a scarlet manicure, between tortoiseshell glasses and a red poppy colour… the Parisian paradox in all its splendour!

This Parisian-style look has many followers, even if they are more perfectionist when it comes to their complexion, for example Linda Odin, Mercedes Parra in the U.S. and the famous Vic Ceridono from Dia De Beauté in Brazil. Both spectacular and easy, fresh and seductive, all pull the look together successfully. On YouTube, the youthful “Miss Chained” uses her fingers for both a “French” and very “campus” touch.

Most will recommend mat and intense reds while always warning against a “too 90s finish!”, like Mac’s Viva Glam and Armani’s CC. In terms of colour, “brick” reds are making a comeback (Howl by Illamasqua) along with orangey reds (in particular YSL).

More sophisticated, Asian and Middle Eastern bloggers like to combine glossy red lips with a “smoky” eye (Benefit’s “Rich is back” palette at Huda Beauty), with the Crime Line red recommended by Leina Baaaby. Whereas “Angelines” wear it in a very “50s” style like Rooney Mara, for glamour, with a “reverse cat eye” like Natalia Kills, or totally crazy with purple hair like Doe Deere, founder of the “Lime Crime” brand.

In Russia, it is the actress & TV star Victoria Bonya who is creating a buzz with her white complexion, cat eyes and bright red lips. Another favourite among Russian bloggers is Clinique’s “434 Parisian Red” for its all-terrain comfort.

In addition to touring the world, the Parisian-style look is continuing to inspire make-up artists, with for example the “Ombré” palette by Edward Bess, ideal for creating ultra-sophisticated 3D effects such as the one worn by Lorenza Izzo.

Will the Parisians play along with the sophistication and Lip Art game? Possibly not, because although spectacular, the other cardinal virtue of red lips is maximum impact with minimum fuss.

A bit like our little black dress in fact!

Helene Capgras – Brain for beauty
Creative planning for luxury and beauty at MLC Paris

“MakeUp in Paris, Understanding Parisian Beauty” conference at MakeUp in Seoul in March 2014