Damien Dufresne writes a new page in the great book of make-up

Damien Dufresne chose MakeUp in Paris to present “Skin”, his new book dedicated to make-up. During the two days of the show, you will be able to discover it on his stand. An opportunity not to be missed if you wish to reserve your own copy of this unique book.

You’ve just completed a book on make-up in which you also did the photos. Can you tell us more?

It is a book dedicated to make-up, published by Editions Assouline and which will be available at the end of September 2013.
I indeed did the make-up and the photos and surrounded myself with a team of true professionals.
With the printing ending late June we urged the printer to let us have some copies in advance to be able to present it to make-up artists and photo enthusiasts, as a preview, on the occasion of MakeUp in Paris 2013.
And Sandra Maguarian, the Show Manager, once again trusted me and was kind enough to book me a space to enable me to present this book.

When did you decide to make these pictures yourself?

About three years during the first edition of MakeUp in Paris at the Espace Pierre Cardin.
At first it was like a game, a sort of challenge and gradually I started to like it.
You know, as a make-up artist and Art Director, I was always next to the photographer and gradually the desire came to me to play this role too.
It is legitimate at some time, I think, to want to go to the other side of the camera.

Does it mean you are giving up make-up?

No of course not, I have been a make-up artist for the past thirty years, I have a passion for this job and this passion hasn’t withered, on the contrary; the photos that I take are before all make-up photos, photos of my make-up.

I first worked during 20 years mostly in a “studio” for advertising, parades, celebrities.
Then I became Artistic Director of a range of make-up belonging to the Korean Group Amore Pacific and our collaboration lasted 12 years.
At the same time I also worked for laboratories like Intercos and Gamma Croma.
Today, I train the sales force of several companies in France or abroad.
Additionally, I am consultant for brands for the development of textures, colours or new tools.
I collaborate in particular with L’Oréal and its “Research and Innovation” department.

In your book, make-ups are very elaborated, very intense, you even go to the extent of making up the body. Don’t you think this might distract you from everyday make-up?

No I “know everyday” make-up very well, I’ve been practising it for thirty years.
I also take pictures of very light make-up or very “sophisticated” make-up.
I love make-up in all its forms, I also like performing very light, very sheer make-up.

After 30 years of activity, does make-up still manage to confront you to new challenges?

Yes, my first challenge is to continue to do this job as long as possible.
The challenge is to invent, to innovate, to make up differently, to move forward, and not look back.

What are your plans today?

I have many projects that are dear to me:

Collaborate with laboratories for the development of textures, colours, trend books.

I created in my workshop in Paris – which I also use as a studio – an office, where trend books either for brands or laboratories can be created and I collaborate with make-up artists of all generations and from all backgrounds.

We also have the artistic and technical capability to carry out visuals ranging from catalogues to press kits and why not “branding”.
We live in a world of images and I believe that laboratories should not limit themselves to just communicating with images of “products” or “applications” but that they should also communicate on a real “brand image”, which is creative and promotes their creations, giving their company a genuine Brand status.

Continue to make photos whether they are creative, artistic or commercial.

Teaching also attracts me, speaking of my make-up activity, pass on, share with younger generations my experience and passion for this job.

Make-up Artist is both a profession and a passion, there is a long way to go, sometimes difficult before you can start living off it, meet the right people and be part of ambitious and creative projects. But difficult or not, it remains for me and for many of us, the most beautiful job in the world.