Digital Beauty, the new experience of MakeUp in Paris 2016

For the first time, MakeUp in Paris will host an Exhibitors’ Village 100% dedicated to Digital Beauty. But what is digital beauty exactly? New methods to revolutionize the design of products, new selling methods, and completely reinvented customer experiences! To build on this technical and playful immersion, you will not want to miss the Conference on Digital Beauty on Friday, June 10 from 12:45 pm to 03:00 pm.

Laurence-Anne Parent (Advancy firm) by way of introduction will give you the key trends and figures of the global cosmetic eCommerce. From one continent to another, from one generation to another, lines are moving very quickly, and some players manage to play their cards better than others… Then we will take a trip around the world with John Mercer from Fung Global Retail & Technology to discover the 10 digital trends that are changing the way consumers browse social networks, test and buy their cosmetics.

A focus on customer experience

Like the Evil Queen in Snow-White who used to ask the Magic Mirror the question “Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?”, consumers now also have magical tools they can use to play, simulate, sublimate their look and spread their image. Three major players in mobile make-up applications and facial biometrics will take the floor to perform a live presentation of their solutions: OTSTC, Perfect Corp/YouCam and Wisimage. How to try 40 different lipstick shades without removing your make-up? How to share complete make-up looks with friends? How to make POS promotions with virtual workshops? You will be given a comprehensive view of these new intelligent interfaces that can boost your business.

These three players will then join a round table dedicated to the ultra-personalized customer experience with in addition the participation of Feelingreen and Nail Revolution. Feelingreen is a start-up, which developed connected instrumental cosmetics (skincare lines, devices, applications) to fully customize each consumer’s skincare applications. While The Nail Revolution Company created an amazing tool that proposes the instant design of customized nail polishes (nail wraps) by scanning any substrate (real object, photograph…). How can cosmetic brands make theirs, these innovations? What is the real benefit for customers? How will the retail sector benefit from these new experiences? A number of topics addressed at this round table, moderated by Séverine Boutry, founder of the Agency, Le Nouvel Appartement.

Data, the new resource

Finally, another exciting round table on data, the new resource for many businesses, also led by Séverine Boutry, with the participation of Linkfluence, KerniX and Matthieu Bourgeois, intellectual property lawyer. With Linkfluence we will see how brands can listen to their customers and detect trends through social networks and contents constantly circulating the web. KerniX will focus on recommendation engines that analyse data to offer web users an interface suiting their tastes and needs. While legal issues generated by this explosion of data in circulation was precisely at the heart of the European agenda since the European commission adopted on April 14 2016 a new regulation on the protection of personal data. Matthieu Bourgeois will tell you how this new text will force companies to change their organization and the use they make of their data, to secure and make the most of their “Data” asset…

A rich and ambitious programme, which will be followed by questions from the audience and individual meetings with experts. So, save the date!