During two days in Paris (22 and 23 June 2017), take part to “top” conferences and workshops!

Probably never “seen” before and, above all, never “heard” before! The quality of topics addressed and the high profile of speakers will certainly leave a lasting impression on the 3,500 people or so, expected on 22 and 23 June next in the aisles of MakeUp in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre. The first morning will be dedicated, during more than two hours, to the cream of the Digital world with, among others, members of the Google team. You will get a complete update on the colour trends that will influence the make-up world with the Comité Français de la Couleur. The development of the 3D technology, emotions, colours of the skin, the developments of a distribution sector under influence and a complete review of the regulatory pitfalls to avoid for those seeking to innovate…, quite enough to meet the expectations of participants. But be careful, there are only two and half months left to register! Places are limited.

Conferences programme & round tables

Thursday, June 22 2017

Morning moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions and Séverine Boutry, Le Nouvel Appartement.
10:15 am – 12:15 pm FOCUS ON DIGITAL
After the success of “Digital Beauty” at the last MakeUp in Paris 2016, the second 2017 edition promises to be even more dynamic! Beauty is increasingly influenced by new technologies, and the entire value chain in the cosmetics industry is starting to ride the digital wave: product design, relations with suppliers, the power of social networks, make-up applications, augmented reality, e-learning on mobiles, smart mirrors, personalized products, the Internet of Things… Come and discover on June 22nd from 10:15 am to 12:15 pm how digital can both inspire and pamper beauty addicts!
Conferences and round table moderated by Séverine Boutry, Le Nouvel Appartement

10h15 am– 11h30 am Theme #1: « Digital to inspire consumers: Product design, BtoBtoC, shared experience, influencers… »

10h15 am– 10h35 am « Google unmask the beauty trends in the US and in France »
Introduced by Leila Rochet-Podvin, Inspiration and Creation, Key note by Alexis Blosse, Strategic Planner Beauty at Google.

10 h35 am – 11h20 am Round table
Moderated by Séverine Boutry with the participation of:
– Anne-Laure Linage, Marketing and Business Strategy Director at Albéa
– Bernd Preuschoff, VP Digital Transformation de Schwan Cosmetics
– Michel Zampa, CEO of Wisimage
– Sylvain Delteil, European Director of YouCam Apps

11h20 am– 12h15 pm Theme #2: «Digital to pamper consumers; product personalisation, the internet of Things, training of beauty consultants, customer retention, big data… »
Round table moderated by Séverine Boutry with the participation of:
– Camille Bénech, Global Brand lead Beauty & Luxury at Google
– Christophe J. Bianchi CEO @ Feeligreen
– Olivier Fiastre, General Manager at Provaine « Nail Revolution »
– Vincent Desnot CEO @ Teach On Mars
– Matthieu Bourgeois, Avocat Associé, Department of New Technologies/ Intellectual Property at the Simon Associés law firm
“Personal data and Beauty: Time has come for Good Practices!” Nearly a year after the adoption of the European Regulation on Personal Data (adopted on April 27, 2016 – which will come into force on May 25, 2018 – an historical text that completely upsets the picture and forces companies to transform their organization and their processing of personal data), where are we now?

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm «The Culinary design of Julie Rothhahn»
onference by Julie Rothhahn, artist and culinary designer and Véronique Thouvenin, Director of Communication and Publics – Cité du Design et de la Mode

1:15 pm – 2:00 pm « Metallic colours / Influence on make-up »
The Comité Français de la Couleur (CFC) has chosen to explore the new avenues offered by metal aspects, ambiance disruptors, constantly shifting between warm and cold tones, matt or glossy effects, a diaphanous or covering touch.
Both sonic and insulating, superconductors and resistant, these indispensable light catalysts, through their ambiguity reflect modernity and undoubtedly influence new make-up trends.
This is both the highlights of the 2018/2019 autumn-winter range of the CFC and of Intercolor.
The topic will be introduced by “Strange Metal”, a presentation illustrated and commented by Olivier Guillemin, followed by a round table on the new expressions of metal colours, with the participation of three CFC members very concerned about the topic: Marta Radice from Lechler, an industrial paint manufacturer, which is currently developing innovative metal colours; Gilles Lapalu, founder of the professional make-up brand Viseart and Sylvère Jarrosson an artist who has a very personal plastic approach to metals in his artwork.
An opportunity to imagine together the prospects of a very promising cosmetic trend.

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Secondary packaging, innovations and advantages of cardboard packagings!
A first at MakeUp in Paris! Under the leadership of the paperboard manufacturer the Billerud Korsnäs Group and through the PIDA its prestigious annual competition, which takes part every year, with students from three French schools and universities (Esepac, ESI Reims and IUT Reims), MakeUp in Paris will be the setting of an exceptional afternoon staging in the Beauty universe.
An afternoon also punctuated by speeches from high profile personalities from trend agencies, economists and industrialists. Highlight of these close to three non-stop hours: the Award Ceremony recognising students who participated to this new 2017 PIDA edition. The theme for PIDA 2017 is Challenge Conventional Packaging for a Sustainable Future. The assignment is to develop a packaging concept for cosmetics & beauty care that is innovative – designed with sustainability in mind as well as challenge unpractical and wasteful packaging.
PIDA is the ideal stage set for young talents to show what they can do and share new ideas, inspiration and fresh impulses to the established packaging community. PIDA has become a recognized and respected hub for new ideas, impulses and inspiration.
BillerudKorsnäs organizes PIDA in order to knit the packaging community tighter together, promote young talents, provide energy and be a source of inspiration for professionals in our industry while assuming a leadership responsibility in development of packaging design.
An afternoon moderated by:
– Jon Haag, Director Consumer Insights at BillerudKorsnäs
– Christophe Delrive, Business Development Director Cartonboard at BillerudKorsnäs

Friday, June 23 2017

The Day will be moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions

10H15 am – 11H00 am « Emotions in make-up »
Conference by Patrice Bellon, President of the Société Française de Cosmétologie (SFC) and Arnaud Aubert

11h15 am – 12h00 pm « 3D; An industrial reality in the Beauty world »
Round table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld connections, with the participation of:
– Arnault Coulet, Director of Fabulous.com, consulting firm in 3D printing
– Andy Gatesy, Chairman and CEO of Toly Products
– Romain Striffling, Director of Innovation PSB Industries / Texen

12:15 pm – 1:00 pm « The creation of make-up products for dark to very dark skins: Why is this still a challenge? »
Having a product offering suiting all women in the world is a desire shared by all brands. Ads are increasingly highlighting cultural diversity, make-up brands are broadening their offer by proposing more and more shades… And yet, it still doesn’t seem to suffice. Why are skins with an olive to very dark tone not fully represented yet?
In her conference, Aïmara Coupet will highlight the different challenges met during the development of make-up products for dark to very dark skins, and she will then propose different approaches to achieve better results. What are their needs, and specificities? Why are colour extensions not always sufficient or adapted? Is a there a specific formulation to succeed? Aïmara Coupet, after relaunching the product catalogue of the French make-up brand blackUp, will share her knowledge and insights… “Because the world of tomorrow will definitely be a mixed world!”
Conference by Aïmara Coupet, Marketing and Product Development, brown skin expert.

1:15 pm – 2:00 pm « Innovation & Development; beware of regulations »
Conference by Aline Weber, Director of Regulatory Affairs at COSMED on the following topics:
– Make-up & SPFs
– How to optimize your marketing debriefs depending on the regulatory framework especially for borderline claims

14:15 pm -3 :00 pm « Trends & Distribution in 2017 »
Apps, web sites, social media, point of sales service, click and collect…. From the famous consumer experience to the consumption reality, how to take advantage of a good omni channel distribution in make up?
Conference by Sabine Durand, Managing Editor of Formes de Luxe and Sylvie Marc, designer and professor at the ENSAAMA

3:15 pm – 4:00 pm « The new colours of Japan »
Conferences by Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration