Fashion and make-up: a timeless couple!

From fashion to make-up, there is only one step. The boundary between these two universes is so tenuous that they are most often synonymous. Which universe influences the other? There is the question. The answer seems obvious: one and the other, reciprocally of course! This exhibition created by the Musée A la Carte® for MakeUp in Paris, will give visitors the possibility, during the two days of the show, to discover three key periods in the history of 20th century fashion and make-up, through a selection of garments, fashion and beauty accessories coming from the Camilli and Martin-Hattemberg Collections.

The phenomenon is not new, examples are many. First, among the Powerful, who, to make a lasting impression and leave their mark, adopted the “total look”, decided of fashions and set the tone, long before the first women’s magazines and trend books. Thus, clothing, like make-up, were codified according to the social class.

In the aftermath of WWI, the Roaring Twenties resolutely oriented towards modernity, gave way to a wind of freedom on Western society up to the outskirts of Asia. Women’s fashion at the time was undergoing significant changes with the falling in disuse of corsets in favour of shortened skirts, bobbed hair, make-up…

Formerly reserved to actors, make-up eventually reached a broader public. It has since, enjoyed unprecedented development throughout the 20th century and this is still the case today. The first make-up artists started by putting their talent at the service of the film industry, but they were soon hired by make-up manufacturers or leading fashion houses who, after their perfume line, decided to launch their make-up line and match them with their couture collections throughout the seasons.

A talent scout

Anne Camilli, created the Anne Camilli & Cie agency in 2006. A talent scout, she has built up a creative team of artists with a 360-degree approach: designers, architects, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, perfumers, writers and researchers… to devise inventive and sensory projects “à la carte” for brands and businesses.

In 2014, she founded the Musée à la Carte®, an original concept of cultural development and bespoke exhibitions for luxury brands, manufacturers, federations, trade shows and cultural institutions to showcase their heritage and promote their innovations. On site, she handles the conception, artistic direction, stage design and exhibition art and techniques.

Intuitive, a woman of letters, passionate about fine crafts, Anne Camilli strives to promote the international prestige and influence of famous French Houses and of their know-how.

A passion for beauty and perfumes

Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg, an expert at the Versailles Court of Appeal, is specialized in Ancient Perfumery (20th Century), has developed a passion for perfume items, and over the years has become a great collector, unanimously recognized across the world, and most of all an expert in the 20th Century perfume heritage.

After 25 years in a bank where he worked in the international trading sector, he decided in 2009 to become self-employed. As a matter of fact, he is currently the only expert at the Versailles Court of Appeal.

He is also the correspondent of the American Association, International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA) for the past twenty years.

His passion makes him travel to the land of Perfumery where he never misses to discover all the stories surrounding bottles and brands, or to meet various players in the trade, such as glass makers, box makers, designers who make him dream and nourish him intellectually. Brands call on him to get legal or marketing advice, or for his skills as a documentalist and archivist. It is this last activity that enables him to write and publish beautiful books on perfumes and fine 20th Century beauty items.