For the first time, next June 9 and 10… MakeUp in Paris will go green!

This will be a first at the next MakeUp in Paris early June. Visitors and exhibitors will discover for the first time at the Carrousel du Louvre an area entirely dedicated to Sustainable Development. This area, will be sponsored by Chanel Parfums et Beauté. And on June 10, from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, a big roundtable will be organized on the theme: “Sustainable Development, the new challenges”.

“Sustainable Development, new challenges,” a round table moderated by Thomas Busuttil, Co-Manager of the consulting firm Utopies, with the support of Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions and the participation of: Philippe Bonningue, Packaging and Environment Director, L’Oréal; Isabelle Roatta, CSR Purchasing Director Chanel Parfums Beauté; Sandrine Sommer, Sustainable Development Director, Guerlain; Cécile Tuil, Vice President Communication, Albéa; Fanny Frémont, CSR Purchasing Manager, Yves Rocher.

The main topics addressed will be the following:
– How do you deal with eco design approaches for cosmetic products? (Product and pack, POS, container/content interaction, communication,…)
– More specifically for formulas in your products, what are the issues/priorities you currently integrate today? (actives, nano elements, plastic microbeads…)
– How do you take into account biodiversity issues? (eco toxicology, ABS,…)
– Have you already taken steps in terms of co-innovation, collaborative innovation with your stakeholders? (suppliers, customers, bloggers, crowd sourcing…)
– How do you deal with the necessary changes within your teams to address these issues? (organization, changes and/or new skills, bonuses,…)

A dedicated area!

The organizers of MakeUp in Paris, with the sponsorship of Chanel Parfums et Beauté, also decided to create within the event a communication area dedicated to Sustainable Development. The area, located at the entrance of the show will allow visitors to better understand and therefore better anticipate environmental issues in the Beauty and Personal care sector.
Chanel Parfums et Beauté, the sponsor of this area, will take the opportunity to present its SEP tool, an open source tool developed by the company Pure Project. As part of its Responsible Development approach, Chanel Parfums et Beauté committed its suppliers to assess their company’s CSR performance in order to measure and reduce environmental and social impacts associated with the processing and manufacturing of raw materials and packagings. The tool can be used by all suppliers, whatever their activity, and by suppliers of suppliers across the entire supply chain.

The Esepac and Isipca schools, partners to the show!

Following a call for contest inviting show exhibitors to participate, suppliers’ latest and most relevant achievements in terms of Sustainable Development and Eco-designing will also be showcased in this show area. Students from schools specialised in Packaging (Esepac) but also Formulation (Isipca) will be in charge of selecting the products presented to them by suppliers a month before the start of the show. Products singled out will be presented to visitors in this dedicated show area. Three products will be selected in each of the three categories (Formulation, Packaging, Accessories).

An exciting MakeUp in Paris not to be missed next June….