“Full metal” and “Welcome on board”, new materials and trendy “touches”!

Because the make-up and skincare sector are also subjected to the increasing use of cardboard-based over packagings and packagings where metal and especially metallic looks are increasingly in vogue. Unbelievable: the sound of a luxury car door closing with a heavy and muted sound was reproduced to apply it to the cover of a compact case. When strolling in the famous streets of Seoul, It is amazing to see dozens of make-up boutiques, packed from morning to (late!) night with male and female consumers and with their window displays full of cleverly designed and inventive outer packagings with equally original undercuts and prints! Not to be missed, on Thursday, June 22, starting at 2 pm, the cycle of conferences and round tables hosted by the Billerud Korsnäs Group…. Not to be missed either, the series of workshops , this time animated by the Stora Group and four cardboard packaging converters, which will take place at 12 pm on the theme “Le Carton, pour quoi faire” (Cardboard, why, and what for?) and on Friday 23 June at 11 am on the theme “le carton sous toutes ses formes ! (cardboard in all its forms!).

On Thursday 22 June at 1:15 pm , the Comité Français de la Couleur will invite you to explore the new avenues offered by metal aspects, ambiance disruptors, constantly shifting from a warm to a cold tone, a matt or glossy effect, a diaphanous or covering touch.
Both sonic and insulating, superconductors and resistant, these indispensable light catalysts, through their ambiguity reflect modernity and undoubtedly influence new make-up trends. The topic will start with “Strange Metal”, a presentation illustrated and commented by Olivier Guillemin, followed by a round table on the new expressions of the colours of metal, with the participation of three CFC members very concerned by the topic: Marta Radice from LECHLER, a manufacturer of paints for the industry, which is currently developing innovative metal colours; Gilles Lapalu, founder of the professional make-up brand VISEART and Sylvère Jarrosson, an artist who has a very personal aesthetic approach to metal materials in his work. An opportunity to imagine the prospects of a very promising cosmetic trend.

Long live Cardboard!

A first at MakeUp in Paris! Under the leadership of the paperboard manufacturer the Billerud Korsnäs Group and through the PIDA, its prestigious annual competition, which takes place every year, with students from three French schools and universities (Esepac, ESI Reims and IUT Reims), MakeUp in Paris will be the setting of an exceptional afternoon, on June 22, from 2 pm to 5 pm, staging this material in the Beauty universe.

An afternoon also punctuated by speeches from high profile personalities from trend agencies, but also economists and industry players. Highlight of these (nearly) three non-stop hours: the Award Ceremony recognising the students who participated to this new 2017 PIDA edition. The theme for PIDA 2017 will be “Challenge Conventional Packaging for a Sustainable Future.” The assignment will be to develop a packaging concept for cosmetics & beauty care that is innovative – designed with sustainability in mind as well as challenge unpractical and wasteful packagings.

PIDA is the ideal stage set for young talents to show what they can do and to share new ideas, inspiration and fresh impulses with the established packaging community. PIDA has become a recognized and respected hub for new ideas, impulses and inspiration.
Billerud Korsnäs organizes PIDA in order to knit the packaging community tighter together, promote young talents, provide energy and be a source of inspiration for professionals in our industry while assuming a leadership responsibility in the development of packaging design. An afternoon{ moderated by Jon Haag, Director Consumer Insights at Billerud Korsnäs and Christophe Delrive, Business Development Director Cartonboard at Billerud Korsnäs.

Two one-hour workshops to know everything!

Also a great first at MakeUp in Paris, an area dedicated to cardboard innovation, “Welcome on Board” and the organization of two topical workshops, the first one, on Thursday 22 June from 12:00 to 12:45 on the theme: “Le Carton, pour quoi faire” (Cardboard, why, and what for?). And the second, on Friday 23 June from 11 am to 11.45 am on the theme: “Le carton sous toutes ses formes !” (cardboard in all its forms!).

There is a twofold trend in favour of the use of cardboard-based over packagings in the make-up segment: a real added value for the presentation and protection of products and the development of internet sales. What innovations, what developments does it generate? How to address this new trend? What can be done and not done?

A round table moderated by Jean-Yves Bourgeois, with the participation of:
– Hervé Vue, Stora Enso
– Luca Meana, Cartografica Pusterla.
– Pierre Hauw, MMP Premium.
– Gilles Regnard, Autajon Packaging.
– Jean-Marc Bodineau, Nortier

Second round table on Friday 23 June from 11 am to 11:45 am, “Le carton sous toutes ses formes !” (cardboard in all its forms!)”. What techniques for what results? You will get an update on the key technologies allowing you to make your product stand out and protect it. Specific questions, and concrete answers given successively by Luca Meana (Cartografica Pusterla), Pierre Hauw (MMP Premium), Gilles Regnard (Autajon Packaging) and Jean-Marc Bodineau (Nortier).

And, finally, examples to follow can come from elsewhere and, particularly from Asia with the intervention of Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration.

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