Future trends in avant-premiere, Let’s rock around the trends

MakeUp in Paris is revealing make up and skin care trends from every part of the world on June 21 & 22 at the Carrousel du Louvre.

Thursday 21st at 10:30am
Let’s start with a fast growing market; The Middle East or more precisely the GCC, acronym for Gulf Cooperation Council which represent Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

With more than 60 years of expertise in the Middle East, exclusive researches, exchanges with professionals and analyses of third part data, the 2018 White Book of the Chalhoub Group “Beauty in the Gulf’s countries: the emergence of the local brands” puts forward the local beauty brands, the modern consumers of the Gulf and their specific habits, and in parallel, the evolution of the market which ensue from it.

By Marie-Hélène Straus, Chief Officer, Consumer & Innovation Strategies, Chalhoub Group.

Thursday 21st at 11:45am
After this, we invite you to listen to Kate Tratten, European Communications Director for the Digital-tech company CuriosityChina.

Kate will decipher the recent report released by Morgan Stanley, stating that, China is set to overtake the United States this year to become the largest global beauty market. The presentation, is exploring the latest consumer trends from e-commerce to social media and attempt to answer the question – “What is the best digital strategy for my brand in China?”.
Do you want to learn more about the best digital strategies for this booming market? So, join the conference!

Thursday 21st at 12:45pm
Charlotte Libby, Global Colour Cosmetics and Fragrance Analyst at Mintel will disclose the new season trends & influences in colour cosmetics.

Her presentation will cover the latest in product preferences, technological advancements, and ingredient demands that are set to change the industry, as well as how to harness the modern consumers’ needs to ensure your brand always stands out from the crowd.
Mintel presents a run-down of the emerging trends and micro trends you need to know about right now, using their consumer data and product database to identify those which will hold most impact for consumers.
Green Skincare, Green Makeup are set to be the future key words for consumers.

Friday 22nd at 10:30am
Green Skincare will be talked about during a round table with the participation of Denis Richard-Orliange, Marketing & Commercial Director at Strand Cosmetics Europe; Mario De Luigi, Founder and Creative Director at B. Kolor Makeup & Skincare; Florence Dufresne, from the French Observatory of Apidology.

Friday 22nd at 1:45pm
Followed in the afternoon by the Green Makeup topic.
Inspired by the subject, Pascale Brousse, founder of Trend Sourcing, Florence Bernardin, founder of Information & Inspiration and their special guest Sophie Roosen, Marketing & Communication manager from Dr. Hauschka France are sharing their point of view.
They will answer to the question: is the green Makeup the new standard?
Consumer demand for natural, vegan, green and/or organic cosmetics continues to grow. Product safety and environmental awareness in addition to efficacy are becoming a must-have in Skincare. What is the status in Makeup? Is it possible to combine GREEN & PERFORMANCES?

Friday 22nd at 11:30am
If you think you knew everything about “Digital”, it is time for you to learn about “Phygital”!

Tanguy HUGOO, Digital Director at Malherbe Paris will share his views about which phygital experience for the beauty world.

Most of the beauty brands have tested and deployed digital solution in-store to enrich the client experience, showcase and sell their products.
We can mention the Sephora flash store with connected commerce, the L’Oréal Paris store with Magic Mirrors, the NYX concept with the Instagram wall.
The luxury brands such as Dior, YSL have also invested on digital in-store.

Friday 22nd at 12:30pm
And finally, here is a brief abstract about what Lucille Gauthier-Braud, Beauty Trends Director at Peclers Agency is about to reveal:

“In reaction to the minimalist trend, arises a desire for “grandeur”, a craving for the exceptional and an urge for extravagance reminiscent of the bling era. Heeding the call, luxury brands are once again tapping into their ability to enchant by reviving the creative freedom and excesses of the 1990s, thus signaling the comeback of a powerful and assertive feminine glamour. However, far from superficial, the appeal of the grandiose is now inseparable from a need for substance and meaning, ethics and responsibility. This reinvented form of splendor rests on three pillars: exceptionality, benevolence and sustainability.”

A lot more to learn yet thanks to:

Thursday 21st at 9:30am
The Color Wave a global project created to identify the key color movement for the upcoming year and help brands apply the shades to the respective regions, in which they operate, co organized by BEAUTYSTREAMS and MakeUp in Paris.
“In today’s world, cosmetics heavily rely on having the right colors at the right time. But with an overwhelming number of new trends popping up every month, it’s hard to discern which color will be key and how that will translate into local tastes, which can vary greatly,” explained Lan Vu, Founder and CEO of BEAUTYSTREAMS. Presented by Michael Nolte, Creative Director at Beautystreams

Thursday 21st at 1:30pm
The Millenials FavorITe Awards by the Morgane Hilgers Academy students. Come and see who are the Top 3 winners of the Innovation Tree.

Friday 22nd at 9:30am
Make Up: ho really are the professionals? by Max Herlant, Make Up artist and Dany Sanz founder of Make Up For Ever.

Friday 22nd at 14:45pm
From Customized products to unique products monitored by Sabine Durand, Chief Editor of Formes de Luxe by Jean-Louis Mathiez, founder of Cinq Pats Agency, and Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, founder of Beauty-Connexions with the participation of Rebecca Goswell from Asquan, Luca Margagliotti from CMI Advanced and Anne-Laure Linage from Albéa.