Happy birthday! MakeUp in Paris is turning five…

The forthcoming MakeUp in Paris, which will take place at the Carrousel du Louvre on 12 and 13 June next, will be an opportunity to celebrate a fine anniversary. That of the 5 years of an event that gathers every year in Paris top level European players in the make-up sector.

A great opportunity to thank in particular the manufacturers who trusted and continue to trust, since its first edition and with no discontinuation, this event.

An anniversary book!

They were thirty-one in 2010, and twenty of them never missed a single edition. Our special thanks go to Aesthete, Aircos, Ancorotti, B.Kolormakeup, Dupont, Eisen, Faber-Castell, Fiabila, Geka, Ileos, Livcer, Oekabeauty, Quadpack, RPC beauté, Schwan Cosmetics, Shya Hsin, Strand Cosmetics Europe, Topline/Primapack and Weckerle. The perfect opportunity also to publish a commemorative brochure – distributed to all visitors – to highlight their company and retrace the history of the creation of MakeUp in Paris by staging the key players who participated in it.

Always more tonic animations!

But that’s not all! The hundred of exhibitors and the 2,800 expected visitors who will be present next June will be able to attend a series of events that we will unveil over the weeks. As a preview…, a few details on the MakeUPhanthasy and the MakeUParade:

For the 2014 edition of the MakeUPhantasy at MakeUp in Paris, ten partnering exhibitors have chosen to support students from the ESAT – Ecole Supérieure de Arts & Techniques de Paris – in a creative adventure in the land of gourmandise… Alkos, Bioplan, Bomo Trendline, Cosmogen, Geka, HCT, Oekabeauty, Sleever International, Strand Cosmetics Europe and United Brands Marketing, couldn’t resist the artistic temptation. With the greatest care they selected a few key products they had designed and gave them to the talented students of the ESAT! The ESAT trains its students to graphic design, illustration, multimedia but also architecture and scenography. Ten small groups of students supervised by the teaching staff let themselves be seduced by the world of make-up and made theirs, the products selected by the exhibitors. They are indeed showing a real appetite for the project: sensuality and gourmandise will be part of the show and up to all our expectations!

Since its inception, MakeUp in Paris offers make-up schools a dedicated area of expression. Live workshops, catwalk shows, parades, follow one another over the years with the help of partnering exhibitors, to the delight of visitors. The creativity of make-up students reflects an incredible capacity for renewal, well in tune with the innovation and resourcing capacity of industrial players in this sector. In 2014, four schools will take part to the show, with in turn: ITM, MakeUp Forever, the Fluvial Palmira School, which we will be welcoming for the first time, and the SLA Academy. No doubt they will all rival in audacity and talent to make theirs this year’s theme: gourmandise!

Twenty five new exhibitors, among which, Cosmax, Mana, Kolmar…

Five months before the kick-off of MakeUp in Paris 2014, the list of exhibitors is almost completed. Quite a interesting list too, where visitors will discover newcomers like Capardoni, Cosmax, The Innovation Company (CIT), Collcap Packaging, CTK Cosmetics, Gerresheimer Momignies, Joko, Kolmar, LF Beauty, Mascara Plus, Mei Shual, MegaAirless, Louvrette, Mana, SIMP, Virospack, Red Of View, Omnicos, Orléans Cosmetics, HCT France, Sheencolor, Swan Cosmetics, Cosmetic Group USA, PolyChromatic, Teibow, Toyal Europe, Univar.

More than ever…, A not-to-be-missed appointment!

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