In 45 days… MakeUp in Paris… Already!

Two highlights not to be missed: 30 years of make-up live with Dany Sanz, MAKE UP FOR EVER. Everything for the lips, just the lips! Six specialists debate.

Friday 13 June at 10:15 am. DANY SANZ, founder and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER, will share live at MakeUp in Paris her expertise (cinema, fashion, theatre, special effects…) and passion in the presence of several make-up artists. “I have always believed, she explains, that it was first necessary to master the techniques before giving free rein to one’s creativity. To perfect one’s academic expertise, before pushing the boundaries of art.” DANY SANZ respected this approach throughout her artistic career. She naturally integrated it to the development of her make-up brand. “At MAKE UP FOR EVER, she emphasises, education takes centre stage. The meeting of talents, the communication between individuals, but above all the transmission of knowledge are at the heart of the discourse.

“Create, educate, elevate!”

An education based on discipline, rigour, technicality. Create, educate, elevate … a way to say that with no sufficient mastery and no fundamental technical bases, an artist won’t be able to push his talent further.” Today, MAKE UP FOR EVER, which is celebrating its 30 years, wants to pass on its story. A story made of encounters and opportunities, of victories and future challenges. DANY SANZ’s story is an outstanding story indeed, an artist with a career like no other, with an overflowing creativity. “From the world of entertainment to the general public, she said, MAKE UP FOR EVER offers its professional expertise to women throughout the world. Because life is a stage… and because everyday–women are just as demanding as performing arts professionals!”([Source: excerpt from the brand book MAKE UP FOR EVER)]

Thursday, 12 June at 10:00 pm. Thierry de Baschmakoff, Aesthete, will host a conference on the theme of “Lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencils: State of the art” in the presence of six professionals. “You said “Red”?,” asks Thierry de Baschmakoff. Without going into the details of the many meanings linked to the colour red, one can, through a simple association consider that lipstick was originally intended to attract attention. Lipstick remains the object (or gesture) the most charged with symbols around femininity, maybe closely followed by stilettos. We can also consider that speaking of make-up alone, it is the undisputed king. Versatile it can also be used for diverted uses that make it very popular: a sweet word or the graffiti left on the mirror in many films is the proof based on images, so it’s also a writing tool.

A symbol like no other!

This small and sophisticated object signed by brands that are lucky enough to propose it, is probably the one capable of revolutionizing make-up because it is a symbol like no other…. Far be it from us to under value other beauty “enhancers”, but the king imposes his requirements and we have before us a more than tricky challenge; revolutionize lipstick, which can still be regarded today as a helical mechanism pushing a grape with a rich texture… This deliberately provocative synthesis aims to question ourselves on the possible developments for this magical object without losing its identity…