In seven weeks MakeUp in Paris will turn five!

Like many great stories, the story of MakeUp in Paris started with a simple idea in mind: bring together in one location, a whole industry that so far, only expressed itself in huge trade shows. Details are brought to us by the protagonists behind this success, Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois.

MakeUp in…™: What ingredients did you use to manage to make this event such a success?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois: To make a beautiful cocktail full of colours, take a profession in its own right, place it at the centre of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, put a lot of formulas, add some packaging and a pinch of accessories, seasoned with lots of animations, and you get an event, which five years later, brings together nearly 3,000 professionals for two days.

MakeUp in…™: And in record time from the idea to its implementation?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois: That’s right, in a record time. Since the idea emerged in a train between Paris and Avignon. We were in early July 2009. The famous logo was scrawled on a piece of paper in no time either. In the following month of August, the first venue for the event, in this case the Espace Cardin in Paris was reserved. At the end of August, first contacts were made with suppliers likely to be seduced by the concept (most of them are still there today!). And at the end of November, thirty-two companies had signed to participate in June 2010 to the very first MakeUp in Paris. And then the following year the opportunity emerged to create its counterpart across the Atlantic in New York…. The two events will run fantastically well….. But New York and then Seoul are two sagas of their own that will also deserve their own special celebrations.

MakeUp in…™: An amazing cocktail! All the surveys prove it! The MakeUp in Paris concept sweeps away all the traditional criteria.

Sandra Maguarian: It’s true! It is considered as an event where biases are expressed in terms of aesthetics, animation and organization. “It is warm and enveloping.” The words that come up most often are “classy”, “higher end”… “It’s really something to see” “The show area is decompartmentalised and open and conveys a mind set conducive to creation.” It’s an open space everywhere… you can easily move around.” “There is a special atmosphere, some excitement around the many animations taking place.” A trade show that offers a harmonious balance of contrasts. “Convivial, warm, intimate but also professional.” “People work hard but in a friendly atmosphere”. “Intimate without being too intimate.” It’s professional but full of fun too. “We see the expertise of many professionals, but it’s make-up under its playful facet that stands out.” “We can feel the pleasure side.” Both stress-free and energetic, this event conveys positive emotions. It is like a big family gathering with professionals who would share the same mind set. There is an eclectic, selective side to it with carefully selected professionals. It is perfectly targeted. But it is also a family where creators and users meet. Undoubtedly, comments show that this show is driven by a state of mind of its own “where something special takes place.” “We are more relaxed than in other shows, this facilitates exchanges.” This show is non-hierarchical. Quite the contrary, we are at the opposite of a hierarchical spirit, of secrecy and rivalry. And above all, this is a place conducive to creativity. “It is open, seamless.” “We set ourselves in the mood to capture the stimuli and translate them into ideas.” This is definitely a place conducive to exchanges and discussions. Finally it is a stimulating place for sensory discoveries. “An enveloping and warm place, where people feel at ease. We want to meet trades we haven’t seen for a long time.”

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