In three weeks at MakeUp in Paris, glass will be in the spotlights!

This is a first at the next MakeUp in Paris! The world leader in the production of glass bottles, Verescence, will organize on Thursday, June 22 from 03:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. a “Special Glass Innovation” Workshop dedicated to the cosmetic sector and more particularly to make-up. You will learn everything about this unique material, discovered nearly 5,000 years ago and which is constantly being improved and adapted to the requirements for protection and presentation of beauty products. Overview with Astrid Dulau-Vuillet, Verescence Marketing and Communication Director.

MakeUp in…™: Indeed your stand at the next MakeUp in Paris will testify all the amazing possibilities offered by glass! On top of it, you will be organizing on the first day from 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. 15h45 a workshop specially dedicated to Brand’s Marketing and R & D teams, to present them your latest innovations in the field…

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet: Absolutely! We are delighted to be able to take part to this eighth edition of MakeUp in Paris. This perfectly meets our strong commitment for development in this make-up and skincare segment where our material brings a real “plus” at every level, be it in terms of product protection, marketing appeal, quality and eco-friendliness.


MakeUp in…™: Your stand at MakeUp in Paris and this workshop will give your Company a perfect opportunity to demonstrate what it is able to achieve with this material today?

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet: And you’re going to be amazed by all the things we can do with glass! We will put forward the four major innovations we have developed these past years, namely, the NEO Infinite Glass, the Unbreakable Glass, the Mineral Glass and our “SCULPT’in” process. We are also currently working on a brand new make-up bottle with a wiper integrated in the bulk of the glass bottle neck, a technology developed by Verescence.


MakeUp in…™: What are the main advantages of this bottle with a glass wiper?

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet: There are three advantages: quality, compatibility and durability. Indeed, our bottle integrates a wiper allowing for a very precise dosage and appropriate product consumption. Then don’t forget that that glass is a pure, neutral material, 100% waterproof and inert. Which makes the glass wiper perfectly compatible with all cosmetic formulas! Finally, our glass wiper is integrated in the bottle, which means there is no need for a plastic addition. The finished product is therefore 100% recyclable and eco-responsible.


MakeUp in…™: What about the four other innovations?

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet: Inspired by Murano glass and artisanal glass know-how, the Mineral Glass is illuminated with colouration lines thanks to an innovative process making each bottle unique. This new technique, both precious and structured, plays on a wide range of colours that can be used alone or in combination.
Our innovative “SCULPT’in” allows drawing shapes inside the glass mass to create surprising visual effects and give elegance and sophistication to the product. This technique is combined to Size & Polishing for an even more spectacular effect.
As for our Unbreakable Glass, a protective envelope makes it possible to double the resistance of the glass in case of shock or fall, while maintaining its intrinsic properties and the prestigious appearance of the glass. a wide range of colours and effects are available for infinite customization.
Finally, the NEO Infinite Glass is the first high-quality recycled, transparent and bright glass, made of 90% recycled materials, including 25% post-consumer recycled glass. We recently conducted an evaluation of the environmental gain achieved thanks to the production of the NEO Infinite Glass compared to that of traditional flint glass. The results are simply stunning! For 1 million 200g bottles made from NEO Infinite Glass, we save 71 tonnes of sand and emit 45 tonnes less of CO2, which is the CO2 emission of a medium-sized petrol car making 4 round-the-world trips!


MakeUp in…™: Finally a word about your participation at the show…

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet: Our products The Unbreakable Glass and the Infinite NEO Glass are among the 10 best innovations out of the 33 evaluated in the “Packaging” category by the Expert’s Committee of the Innovation Tree Products Contest. They will therefore be exposed on the Innovation Tree located at the entrance of the show.


About Verescence:

Verescence is the world’s leading glass manufacturer for the Perfume and Cosmetics industries with a production capacity of one billion bottles per year. Due to our extensive know-how in glass making for more than 120 years and a unique geographical foothold (4 glass production sites and 5 finishing sites worldwide, including 3 in France), Verescence supplies the world’s leading Perfume and Cosmetic brands by providing innovative, high quality and environmentally friendly solutions. The Group, which employs 2,950 people, achieved a turnover of 330 million euros in 2016.