Innovation at the heart of the 4th edition of MakeUp in Paris

For the first time, follow the “MakeUPioneer trail” The make-up industry continually comes up with innovations. This year, we wanted to make it easier for you to find them, with a completely new feature.

Thanks to “MakeUPioneer”, a highlighted trail on the floor plan of the show, enabling to find and localize immediately the booth of exhibitors who have wished to take part. As a preview, here are the ones that you will find. Only 6 days to go!






“Dare colour and come find out at our stand”.


“Cashmere” Texture

Aircos will showcase a new generation of formulas obtained from its IPM technology: the “Cashmere” texture with a silky and light finish and a spectacular glide.


Jumbo Twist Mania

A offering of innovative textures for lipsticks, concealers, complexion correctors, and eyeshadows presented as part of a full service offer in the new Must Have application technique: a lipstick mechanism finally shaped like a pencil!


Sixties Addict Eyeliner Marker

A very long lasting, waterproof, high-performance eyeliner formula. Offering a precise and easy application thanks to its various shapes of applicator tips: fine, brush-shaped or slanted.


Luxury Soap Box

A prestigious box with high end soap formulas. Creamy bases delivering a generous foam and leaving the skin soft, moisturised and delicatly scented. Different finishes and shades are offered, from transparent to opaque or translucent.


Delicious sins become makeup, thanks to back injected poured powders that allow to realize different shapes and colours: today, you feel like a raspberry macaron or a chocolate cookie? There is a sweet sin for every taste of makeup!

You will start eating them with the eyes before caressing your face with their soft and silky formulation, which is truly different from any other powder.

Sweet Sins of Make Up, to satisfy your cravings, without feeling guilty!


Innovation : grand eyeliner

For expressive eyes!

The new “Grand Eyeliner” allows for trendy eye make-up using various applicators. The chamomile enriched formulas do not contain any parabens and are water-resistant.


Packaging solutions on the international cosmetics market.

Discover a whole range of new concepts and colours. The company offers both a custom design, manufacturing and finishing options tailored to your needs. You are looking for quality, good service and competitive prices.



A set of professional make-up brushes.

COSMOGEN has designed and developed a set of brushes for make-up professionals and specific applications. The high density tufts are composed of a fine synthetic fibre with a natural appearance and exceptional qualities enabling them to adapt to any make-up formulas. With a soft touch, they offer incredible sensoriality and a perfect application result. For a perfect hygiene, this high-quality fibre is also washable.


FIRM’UP: a new dual function applicator

Firm’Up is an original package designed for formulas that require an applicator with dual functions:

– On one side, its fine textured or smooth spatula (SEBS or PE) distributes and applies with ultimate precision the formula on the area to be treated.

– On the other, its 45° slanted zamac surface ensures a efficient application: it stimulates micro-circulation, tightens and smoothes the skin, lifts, and smoothes fine lines and facial micro-tensions. The dispensing of the formula is excellent and the cooling effect of zamac provides comfort and pleasure. FIRM’UP is ideal for skin care treatments in institutes.

Suitable for skincare treatments such as: Eye contour, lip contour, anti-wrinkles treatment, spot or D-scar treatment, lip balm…


Squeeze’N Clean: a new application solution for hygiene and skincare products

Its bi-injected and ergonomic top consists of a surface that is covered with flexible spikes, made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It allows for a uniform application of the formula and then exfoliates and cleanses the face or body while respecting the skin. Squeeze’N Clean provides a pleasant sense of well-being. Like for the whole Squeeze’N range, its patented open/close rotary head prevents contamination and preserves your skincare or hygiene formula. Cosmogen offers always more practical and innovative application solutions hinged on a strong concept: pleasure skincare treatments. With Squeeze’N Clean, Cosmogen sets foot in the hygiene market.


MAGNUM Lipstick MAGNUM Blusher MAGNUM Eyeshadow

“April 2013 saw the introduction of the Magnum range, a slick and stunning new aluminium standard range currently in development as production tooling. Utilising the current Fusion ange as an influence, it reflects a quality associated with beautifully crafted Swiss watches and iPhones. This cool and durable range uses anodized aluminium as a key feature with trendy coloured plastic trim as a contrast.”



A new nail polish remover specially formulated without the use of the standard solvents and odor-free that remove easily the nail polish with a special care for the nails.



This product permits to transfer coloured metallic foils on the nails for an extra shiny mirror effect.



A nail polish thought for the youngest to be not only a useful and fashion product, but also a colourful, motional and must-have object.


Imei Beauty Idea is a company specialized in the research and offering of cosmetic accessories for retail and promotional sales. Imei Beauty Idea is active in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Brushes, eyelashes, sponges and all accessories in general: Imei Beauty Idea has a 360° coverage of the world of cosmetic accessory, combining quality, originality at competitive prices.



With the extraordinary shape of CONICAL BRUSH the small lashes in the eye corner can be easily reached with the narrow side of the brush. Furthermore this brush gives impeccable long lashes and follows the new trend away from the oversize-brushes to manageable brushes.



With a large application surface and a unique gemstone like shape, JEWEL KISS takes up the perfect amount of gloss texture and is easy and soft to apply. At the same time the gemstone tip allows a precise application. The applicator can be used for several formulations.



The new 2C INJECTION BOTTLE provides a unique lip shaped window where the colour of the content can be seen through while at the same time the larger part of the content stays UV protected.


ROUGE PASSION reveals a new pump system to apply colour on the lips with a new dispensing concept. The liquid formula is controlled during application by gentle finger pressing. The hygienic, airless system guarantees that no contamination gets into the lipstick and allows the use of new formulas with natural preservatives.


Sleever Make Up Lipstick

Sleever International, a global company, leader in the sleeve technology, has been dedicated for many years to the world of make-up. This year it will be showcasing the the: Sleever Make Up Lipstick solution, a response to current trends in the lipstick market: – dedicated colours with the Sleever®Colortech offering ranges of pink shades from purple to apricot, – glossy effects, iridescent finishes with the Sleever®Colortech special effects, – a 3D effect with the Skinsleever® to give relief to colours.- glossy effects, iridescent finishes with the Sleever®Colortech special effects. to reflect your emotions – A 3D effect with Skinsleever® to give relief to your colours.



It is to find the best match between the tool and the product that DuPont de Nemours, the Natrafil® specialist, STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE, an expert in skincare and make-up products and Louise Wittlich, a make-up artist, have partnered. This partnership of excellence has enabled to adapt the composition of the fibres according to the formula, the loading of the product and the desired make-up finish. 30 different textures were tested: skin care creams, foundations bases, concealers, blushes and powders resulting in 56 product/brush combinations. These underwent tests according to a number of criteria: coverage, brightness hold brush design, stiffness of fibres, easy scoop and application of the bulk.

The most efficient combinations were selected to form the four.

AQUAPERFECTION couples: a foundation primer

MAGICIEN D’OSE: a CC cream applied as a foundation

IDEAL FINISH POWDER: a powder to even out the skin tone

VOILE PRECIEUX: a powder blush to brighten the complexion

The innovative character of these four kits is the result of the synergy between three experts who were able to share their skills to create a unique database and optimize the make-up results by choosing the best tools.