Make-up and perfume, an ancestrale bond

This will be one of the highlights of this seventh edition of MakeUp in Paris. As in the previous editions and with the active collaboration of the Anne Camilli et Cie Agency and its Musée à la Carte®, but also with Isabelle Ferrand, (Cinquième Sens Company), visitors will have the opportunity to discover more than 80 collectibles over 250 years old, demonstrating that make-up and perfume have always been closely related and they will also be able to participate to an olfactory workshop to test and try to recognize a selection of characteristic make-up scents. A great and exciting moment not to be missed.

2016-CamilliMakeUp in…™: A few words about The Musée à la Carte®…
Anne Camilli: Its mission is to promote the French craftsmanship and know-how through cultural presentations and tailor-made exhibits. Intended for museums, cultural festivals, companies, private collections etc., seeking to bring their heritage to the fore, they can be aimed either at the general public or a more professional audience. The Musée à la Carte® imagines the concept, the museography, the scenography, the catalogues and takes in charge the production and exhibition logistics.

MakeUp in…™: Can you give us a few examples?
Anne Camilli: There are quite a few… Based on the theme “luxury Lips” there were the events that took place in 2010 during the French May Hong Kong cultural festival and at the Musée des Tissus et des Arts décoratifs in Lyon the following year…
There was also in 2014, the “French Times in Paris®” (a history of French watchmaking) at the French May Hong Kong cultural festival…, or more recently in 2015, “500 ans de Passion Française pour la Chaussure” during the French May Hong Kong cultural festival and soon in Shanghai, but also “Beautés du soir” at the MakeUp in Paris trade show, “Atout Cuir” at the Grand Palais in Paris as part of the exhibition “Revelations” dedicated to crafts and creation.

2016-FerrandMakeUp in…™: On the other hand, Isabelle Ferrand, your life is closing linked to Perfume?
Isabelle Ferrand: That’s right! Our core business, our reason for being so to speak, and this from the very first day, is olfactory creation! Then, training, animation and consulting clusters for brands were added to this first activity. The originality of our approach is that for the past 40 years, we address both professionals and the general public, we train each year nearly 500 professionals (marketing or sales managers) and more and more passionate amateurs.
People come to us to improve their expertise in perfumery, understand the basics of the perfume industry, explore some of the mysteries of smell, and why not, become a nose.
I always say that we are, in our way, resistants! We return to the very essence of perfumery, to olfaction, constantly, even when perfume houses try to embark us on visuals, concepts and even packagings. If we were to adopt a mantra, it would be: Perfume first and foremost.

MakeUp in…™: Could you provide us with some background…
Isabelle Ferrand: When Monique Schlienger created Cinquième Sens, 40 years ago, she was a perfume creator (Eau du ciel Annick Goutal), she already signed her own creations and actually intended to continue under the Cinquième Sens label. Creation, as a craftsmanship, has always been and will remain the soul of the fragrance house.
On my side, I took up and enriched the, empirical and fun method, both olfactory and visual, developed by Jean Carles (founder of the Roure perfumery school in Grasse) that relies on words, colours and scents. We organize a number of modules dedicated to chemistry of fragrances (1 day), the study of olfactory trends (1 day), the discovery of raw materials (9 days). If, however, people do not find what they are looking for (which is rare), some customized trainings, to suit individual needs, also exist.

MakeUp in…™: What do you see as the main reasons for visitors to let their noses wander off at Cinquième Sens?
Isabelle Ferrand: I can see at least ten!
– Go over one’s classics, rediscover masterpieces of perfumery such as Shalimar, Mitsouko (Guerlain), Femme de Rochas or Déclaration (Cartier).
– Sharpen your sense of smell; just for the fun of it. – Understand at last perfume market codes.
– Have a customized perfume designed for oneself.
– Sharpen one’s “fragrance” education.
– Discover ingredients, which are “all the buzz”.
– Learn how to recognize traditional perfume ingredients and differentiate the various families (floral, oriental, chypre…).
– Become a perfume expert or a perfumer in the trade.
– Understand how a perfume is structured.
– Take an exotic sensory journey, when you’re feeling down, by letting your nostrils wander over wafts of patchouli or benzoin essence.

MakeUp in…™: What message is conveyed, do you think, Anne Camilli and Isabelle Ferrand,by this exhibition dedicated to perfume and make-up, which will be held at the next MakeUp in Paris?
Anne Camilli: The original idea was to illustrate the close ties between the perfume and the make-up trades, two complementary and parallel activities. Objects prove it. They are also a means to discover brand sagas, who consider Beauty as a whole.
Isabelle Ferrand: Make-up is a beauty enhancer, it gives women a freedom of expression to reveal and assert their personality.
Perfume is a key element in make-up because it enhances the promise and induces considerable emotion with regards the consumer’s loyalty to the product.