MakeUp in Paris 2013: already 20% more stands!

“Above all, don’t increase in size!” Rather paradoxical but quite true! An opinion in any case very much shared by almost all exhibitors of MakeUp in Paris. The organizing team is well aware of that. Let’s do everything we cannot to jam this beautiful mechanism that started running so well on a day of June 2010 at the Espace Cardin in the heart of Paris. They are so right! It is essential to preserve the ingredients of friendliness and professionalism that have made the success of this show. But at the same time, we must enable some new players to come enrich MakeUp in Paris with their presence and the quality of their productions. A controlled increase limited to 20% to make sure we “only” attract the best players, from the whole world course.

An increased number of foreign exhibitors and visitors!

A “global” sector requires a “global” answer! “This is one of our main challenges every year,” explains the Show Manager, Sandra Maguarian. “The internationalization of visitors remain one of the main keys in the long-term success of MakeUp in Paris. And the 2012 results in terms of foreign visitors allow us to be very optimistic.” So much so that for the first time in 2013, Japan will have its first exhibitors at the Carrousel du Louvre and the Korean presence will be even stronger. Two key countries in the development of high-tech formulations, applicators and packaging. Make Paris the centre of expression of the professional make-up sector in Europe! “A goal within reach!”.

A 2013 edition focused on staging

Eight months before the opening of the next MakeUp in Paris, we can lift a small section of the veil hiding the breathtaking projects that have emerged from the last brainstorming meetings held by the organizing team: Fashion and make-up will be closely intertwined. The “active” participation of visitors will also be one the strong points of the show!

What form will it take, with what tools…? Bear with us… But be assured the ingredients will be there to make this two-day gathering a complete success!
Oh, by the way! Hurry, there are only a few stands left!