MakeUp in Paris 2013 put emphasis on ingredients

Real laboratory, where professionals of make-up mix: artists, technicians, craftsmen, industrials and trend setters, MakeUp in Paris opens its doors to the suppliers of Ingredients, to show at its fourth edition’s participants, a global overview on the make-up universe.
MakeUp in Paris is introducing in June 2013, a new area: MakeUPigments, dedicated to Ingredients, so inviting the exhibitors and the visitors in a didactic and sensory discovery of make-up ingredients through an exhibition and workshops.

The first edtion of MakeUPigments will welcome 3 partners: BASF, LASERSON and MERCK. They express, here in exclusivity, their positioning in the make-up industry and their motivations as to be among the first participants of this animation.


“MakeUp in Paris, says Mrs Miriam Becker in charge of Decorative Cosmetics Marketing, is the perfect platform for Merck to interact with marketing, design and applications specialists from important players in the market. Merck as a leading manufacturer of ingredients for the cosmetics industry is right at the forefront of this great opportunity.”

Merck is a leading manufacturer of ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Apart from color effect pigments, the company offers customers functional skin care and protection solutions. In particular, effect pigments and functional fillers are used in many cosmetic products and packaging in order to provide color, luster, gloss and other effects and to strengthen brand identity. Merck offers a wide range of active ingredients used in skin care cosmetics to protect the skin against UV radiation and premature aging.


“MakeUp in Paris since the beginning, has been attractive. It is very trendy and professional while having a friendly atmosphere.” said Valérie Pian – Senior Marketing Manager, BASF Personal Care Europe. “It is the place to be when we talk about make-up. Its combination of make-up artists shows and consumer trends conferences is the right balance between creative art and industry. And we are excited to be one of the raw material suppliers to be officially invited this year!”

BASF Personal Care is the world’s leading supplier of high performance ingredients for the personal care industry, including the make-up segment. Its broad portfolio, technological excellence and formulation expertise, offer customers a large choice of effect pigments to create a wide variety of looks. Its portfolio also includes emollients and consistency factors creating sublime textures, W/O or O/W emulsifiers fitting to every sense, high-performing polymers for long lasting curling and volume, as well as sun filters and active ingredients for skin protection.

Being a part of this event gives BASF the opportunity to show to marketing and technical participants its latest innovations in both products and technologies, while also interacting with those who are at the core of make-up creation.


Major raw material supplier in the cosmetic and health industries, Laserson proposes in particular an offer dedicated to make-up formulations, composed of ranges such as Arkema, Sandream, Japan Natural Product and St Gobain. Other partner ranges also ideally complement this make-up offer (Floratech, Sharon, Cargill, Tri-K, Asahi Kasei…), thus providing complete solutions to customers.

“This participation to the MakeUp in Paris show will enable us, says Julie Haser, Account Manager, to present our offer to all players involved in make-up, from make-up artists to Marketing Departments, including subcontractors.”

Laserson intends in particular to put forward products from its partners Arkema (ranges of fines powders Orgasol® and Rilsan®) and Sandream (nacres and glitters) through innovative formulas. The application laboratory of Laserson offers an increasing array of new textures to highlight the ingredients in its portfolio.