MakeUp in Paris 2014: higher and higher!

The dynamics of MakeUp in Paris will have had the better of all the obstacles along the way. In spite the lightning strike of taxi drivers on the day of the setting up of the show… followed by the lightning strike of some employees of the French national railway company, the day before the show, figures speak for themselves: a total of 2,804 visitors (among 3,000 pre-registered people!) will have walked through the doors of the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris on 12 and 13 June last. For your information, this result, by far one of the best compared to other similar world events in terms of cost/contact (2,800 visitors for 114 exhibitors!), is up by more than 12% compared to the year before.

But as usual it is not so much the number that is important but the quality of visitors. All testimonials prove it (see below). A second trend that gives even more credit to the event at the European level, many visitors came from the four corners of Europe, especially from Eastern countries. Figures prove it too. English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Finnish, Dutch, Belgian, Portuguese, Greek, Bulgarian, Swedish, Romanian people made the trip. Not to mention Russian, Bulgarian, Swiss visitors. MakeUp in Paris has undoubtedly strengthened its position as the leading European event dedicated to the make-up industry. Indeed the number of foreign visitors broke all records, representing almost 30% of all visitors over two days. On the rise also, visitors coming from Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Taiwan, Iran, Morocco, Brazil, Japan, etc.

A double-digit growth!

On June 12th in the morning, at the start of the event, visitors were already crowding the aisles and meetings were following one another in the 114 booths of the show (up 17% compared to 2013). MakeUp in Paris has proved once more that one of its most valuable assets was that it was a place where “real” business could be done in a particularly warm and friendly atmosphere! Another strong point stands in the success of its animations and conferences. From the first to the last hours of the last day, animation clusters and the conference room will have continued to attract visitors. More than 1,400 people attended during the two days, the twelve conferences scheduled. Finally, icing on the cake, everyone will long remember this famous private tour of the Louvre museum organized on the initiative of MakeUp in Paris and of its partner the Strand Company who were celebrating respectively their fifth and fiftieth anniversary. More than 400 people were given the unique opportunity to visit “alone” one of the richest and most beautiful museum in the world, accompanied by a dozen bilingual guides.



We were thrilled with this anniversary edition of MUIP and particularly proud to be able to associate our name to it, to also celebrate the 50 years of Strand. The link between art and makeup always takes us into an inspiring universe with the magnificent tour of the Louvre, the work achieved by the students of the ESAT and the workshops dedicated to creativity. The excellent level and variety of exhibitors as well as quality conferences–particularly relevant from all points of view always impress us favourably. We met many customers, prospects and made many more also very enriching contacts that allow us to close this 2014 edition with lots of ideas and projects in mind for the next Make-up editions. Among visitors to our stand, we also noted a higher number of foreign countries represented, 16 in total. We also want to thank the Beauteam team for organizing such an extraordinary private tour of the Louvre Museum, which was greatly appreciated by our customers … and ourselves!

The dates for June 2015 are already saved in my BB!


Congratulation on a successful exhibition in Paris.


As for previous years, the show was a great success with many and excellent contacts. Feedbacks are already very positive! Many thanks for this top notch organization and for the private tour of the Louvre which was unforgettable.


We want to thank you most sincerely for the perfect organization and preparation of “MakeUp in Paris” 2014. The configuration of the show and the atmosphere are unique!

For us, “MakeUp in Paris” was a great success. We were able to meet a great number of our international clients. We had very good contacts.

For us, “MakeUp in Paris” is the most important and most interesting trade show.

We also want to thank you for enabling us to present the “100 years of OEKA.”


Thank you for the organization. We are now looking forward to New York


MakeUp in Paris was a positive surprise for us and we were impressed with the size and importance this event is gaining on a European level. As a matter of fact we received more visitors from Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and Eastern Europe. As an exhibitor we have to say Bravo to you and your team for the excellent organization. In particular the detail with bars, food at the booth and ice cream make it very pleasant and easy for all!


Again, our stand attracted many visitors. This 5th edition comforts us in our decision to favour this event for the promotion of Shya Hsin in Europe.

By getting closer to its customers, Shya Hsin Packaging Europe thus becomes a partner for brands and takes full advantage of MakeUp in Paris to strengthen the Group’s presence. See you next year.


The show is going so well! We love it!


We wanted to congratulate you on the organization of the show and particularly for the fitting out of our booth. Our first participation was a great success. Huge thanks.


The Carrousel is a great venue! We found it very productive. Congratulations on a successful, well attended event!


Congratulations again to the expansion of the show!


The MakeUp in… Show is getting upgrade specially, and we can meet such many experts in there. It is the show that we can easily make a good business with worldwide people. The MakeUp in…Show is a Festival. You could get two birds with your items. Save the date & enjoy the Show!


The event was interesting and absolutely well-organized. The private visit to the Louvre Museum was definitely a plus! Nothing else to say about the event. I’ll wait for some news on how to participate again next year.

BASF – The Chemical Company

It was a very good show for us with lots of interesting contacts, we will come back next year. Good luck for New York!


It is always a great pleasure to participate to MakeUp in Paris, and I am particularly proud to participate to this show since the first edition, many thanks to all the members of the MakeUp in Paris team.


Congratulations for the perfect organization of this event!


We were delighted to participate to this 5th edition, thank you for your always warm welcome.


We received very good feedbacks and the Lips Color Wall at the stand worked well…


This year, even more than in past years, It was a pleasure to participate to MakeUp in Paris. Many thanks to all the members of the Beauteam team for the excellent organization and for the extraordinary tour of the Louvre!


Again, Congratulations to the MakeUp in… team!

A beautiful edition with quality contacts, now it’s up to us to make the most of it.

See you next year.


Thank you for your help with the organization of the show…. always interesting, especially thanks to its small format.


Only compliments, you got it! The event is high class and so are its visitors (which make it all worth doing)

I love the way everything is perfectly arranged with an eye for detail, flair and marketing

It is perfect. Just try to keep this level of quality for the event and the visitors.


Congratulations on another successful show! Happy 5th anniversary!


Thank you for this great event, which deserves its success.

We had many contacts, we were able to consolidate our relations with most of our key customers, and present our innovations in the best conditions of visibility.

Our staff also enjoyed the different conferences they were able to attend.

So, thank you, and see you at MakeUp in Paris 2015!


Thank you for a wonderful, successful show! Crystal is very happy with the show organization as well as the quality of the clients. The tour of the Louvre was a great addition this year! Keep up the great work!


Just one word…. When will the 2015 floor plan be available for us to book a stand?


Many thanks to you and the whole team for having so well organized this 2014 edition of MakeUp in Paris. In spite of those foolish strikes, nothing was missing, including the many special and thoughtful attentions, and everything was done very professionally to facilitate exchanges between make-up actors. This show is becoming a standard in the matter. Well done!


The first unanimous comment is that we MUST be there next year. This is definitely the place to be to confirm your leading position on the market. We also love the convention of the show: effortless, elegant and stylish with this unique special festive atmosphere, and what’s most important: with the spot on what really matters here: beautiful products. Extremely convenient for those who are in charge of organization (number of documents and forms limited to the minimum), and extremely convenient for those who exhibit (with its exquisite location, delicious catering, and free wi-fi at the booth), it is as efficient as it is elegant. Thank you so much for the possibility to be the part of the event. And we are in line for the booth for the 2015 edition!


An organization straight as a die, very qualitative contacts, this event has become a must in the trade industry.


It was well executed ….. good contacts …. interactive…. informative.


Loved the show. Sophisticated, focused on beauty and fundamental.

We enjoyed our location and working with the Beauteam.

See you in New York!


It was very nice for taking part in the 5th edition of Make Up in Paris. The team of organization was very professional and the customers were all of high level.


We recovered and restart quickly but very satisfied about the 5th edition of MakeUp in Paris.


I confirm that our feeling about MakeUp in Paris is positive.

Contacts were satisfactory for us and, more importantly, of a good quality.

This was a first for us, but we have already confirmed our participation for next year. The organization was impeccable and the service we found meets the “Premium” standards.


As usual the show was a success with a first non-stop day and a second quieter day but equally interesting. This event has now become a major unmissable appointment in our cosmetic world.

Again, congratulations!


Pascual Cosmetiques has been an exhibitor at the MakeUp in Paris show for four years and this event has become unavoidable for our Company as an actor in the cosmetic industry, because of the quality of its visitors and of its target in the make-up sector.

I want to highlight the perfectly oiled organization of the show which is now backed by five year of experience.

Bravo for the setting up, the choice of colours and of materials for this 5th edition.


MakeUp Paris is the meeting place where the pros meet the pros. The quality of exhibitors and visitors combined with the exceptional show design and environment made this show a very productive experience for us.


MakeUp in Paris is more and more effervescent! A meeting that year by year is increasing, a “must” appointment that can’t be missed!


Thank you so much for a great organization and atmosphere. Everything went very well… It was very interesting for us to meet some of our direct customers but also end users who work with contractors. This gave us some additional visibility along the value chain. From this point of view, taking part to conferences proved to be interesting too.