MakeUp in Paris 2014, your special appointment with make-up and culture

Only five candles, but already unmissable! This is the general feeling among both the exhibitors and visitors who attended MakeUp in Paris. It seemed therefore obvious to want to celebrate the event around two highlights, first with the editing of a beautiful book commemorating the long-term success and development of the event, and then with the private tour of the Louvre Museum on the first evening (by invitation only). Let’s look back on a great adventure and shine the spotlight on a one-of-a-kind visit.To make a beautiful cocktail full of colours, take a profession in its own right, place it at the centre of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, put a lot of formulas, add some packaging and a pinch of accessories, seasoned with lots of animations, and you get an event, which five years later, brings together nearly 3,000 professionals over two days.
It should be remembered! This is the purpose of the commemorative book, which will be offered to all the visitors and which describes in its sixty pages, the atmosphere of the “early days” of the show, the creativity of the sector, and gives pride of place to its actors who were present as exhibitors and partners, since the very beginning of the adventure, with no discontinuation.

A one-of-a-kind private tour!

“Icing on the cake”, a private tour of the Louvre Museum will be organized in the evening of June 12th. Exclusively for exhibitors and their guests. Duration of the tour : two hours.
Divided into several groups and led by specialized guides, guests will have the opportunity to wander in the Sully and Denon wings of the museum to admire the master pieces… A glass of friendship will close this exceptional visit.
Guests will be able to admire (among others) the following works:
The Borghese Gladiator. Recently restored, this lifesize marble sculpture (100 BC) was discovered in Italy in the seventeenth century, and immediately became very popular across Europe. The Venus de Milo. A superb swan song of Greek art, this statue discovered in 1821 became the very symbol of ancient sculpture.
St. Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata. This large panel painted by Giotto in the 1300s, marks, through its novelty, the beginnings of the Italian Renaissance and is one of the earliest works signed by an artist.
La Belle Jardinière. A marvel of gentleness, this painting is one of Raphael’s most beautiful Virgin and Child. Death of the Virgin. This is Caravaggio’s last painting before his flight from Rome; this moving painting offers a striking shortcut of the painter’s genius. Enjoy your visit….

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