MakeUp in Paris 2015, the plebiscite!

Once again MakeUp in Paris got all the votes. A sixth edition even more successful than the previous ones. Although the mark was set very high, it was still successfully crossed.
As usual, testimonials from exhibitors expressing their thanks and congratulations have succeeded one another in recent days. Some examples…

We are very satisfied with our participation in this 2015 edition.
Excellent feedback from our customers on both our stand and our products.
Many contacts and customer appointments during these 2 days.
In a nutshell:
Excellent organization.
Very good circulation on the whole show.
Very instructive conferences, lots of information.
Highly interactive and dynamic small format workshops.

Visitors answered the call and we noticed there were more projects this year.
We conducted many high added value appointments with teams from our clients.
MakeUp in Paris has become a not-to-be-missed appointment. An organization up to our expectations. See you next year.

As far as we are concerned, it was a beautiful edition with a constant traffic of visitors always qualitative. The “MakeUp in…™” concept doesn’t seem to be running out of steam, quite the contrary, and that’s good news!
We are “fans” of the “IT product” IT animation with the innovation tree and the corresponding identification sticker at the stands.
We also very much liked the museum part with the beautiful collection of make-up cases, lipsticks, mirrors, of former days, it was very interesting apart from being beautiful.
It was the first time we showcased our masks activity and it was quite successful. Above all, thanks to the entire team, it was again very well organized.
Big thanks to you and the whole team for these two totally successful days.
Beyond the success of this trade show which is truly establishing itself as THE European standard for players in the make-up industry, we would like to take this opportunity to stress on the professionalism, availability and extreme kindness of those who have hosted us so well on this occasion.

In the name of the entire Topline team, a huge thanks to all of you and most globally to the whole MakeUp in team for the organization and the conditions in which took place this 6th edition of this very good show.
We hope that the follow-up and the benefits will be up to the satisfaction that we have all felt during these two days.
And also, a particular and huge (again) thanks for our booth location, very good and efficient!

Thank you very much to you all for your hospitality and your kindness. We did a lot of very interesting professional meetings – congratulations for the quality of the show. It was a great experience.

Thank you very much to you and your staff. MakeUp in Paris is the best BtoB show ever! This edition has been very interesting and fruitful.

We are delighted with our experience at MakeUp in Paris this year! Professionally it was one of the best trade show experience we ever had. The visitorship quality was outstanding, combined with the beautiful atmosphere of the show. It was a very pleasant experience!

Thank you very much for your great support to us during MakeUp in Paris. We are glad that this show is more and more progressive and with remarkable brands from the beauty world.

Six years in a row the most successful cosmetic tradeshow in Europe and definitely the place to be for OEKA!
Congratulations to Beauteam and thank you again for the great organization – we always enjoy the time at Carrousel du Louvre and had received a lot of positive feedback from key decision makers.

We were delighted again this year to participate in the MakeUp in Paris show. The place and way our stand (and booth) was arranged were just fine. We recorded seventy appointments including big names such as L’Oréal, Chanel, Nuxe, Yves Rocher… Our workshop went very well, and enabled some visitors to come and visit us at our stand.

The relevance of this event just proves the great expertise of its founders.
We are delighted to take part to it and always satisfied with the commercial feed-backs. MakeUp in Paris has become our unavoidable appointment with our customers and prospects.
Thanks to all your team members and see you next year.

We wish to thank you, you and your team for this new edition of MakeUp in Paris.
The quality of exhibitors and visitors makes this show a must-attend event.
The organization is perfect and it is a pleasure to participate to it.

We really want to thank you for being part of your team and a collaborator at the MakeUp in Paris show AGAIN! We have a few nice pictures from the ring that I’ll send to you and to the schools at the end of the week. The Museum collection was pretty amazing and I don’t have any better compliments for the work which has been done. It would be really nice to be a collaborator and also part of your team at the MakeUp in SaoPaulo again.

Visitors and exhibitors alike are treated like VIPs. Thank you for your kindness, flexibility and the spirit of conviviality that you have instilled in MakeUp in Paris.

Congratulation! Looking forward to NYC! Congratulations on another great edition of MakeUp in Paris! We truly enjoyed it! Thanks as always for your warm hospitality!

This show is becoming really essential to the profession…, bravo!
I agree with the comments “don’t change anything.”

Thank you guys. We absolutely loved it!
We’d love to be involved again. Great show and I’d recommend it to anyone in the industry.

The show was up to our expectations.
Thank you again for the conference, it is always nice to be able to say a word.

It was a nice opportunity to meet suppliers and our key accounts in Brazil as well as to be aware on what’s new in technologies. See you in Brazil next December.

Thank you very much for everything and congratulations for the success of this edition. We had very positive feedbacks from all our exhibiting clients and visitors

Thanks to the whole team for this great event… Our only regret is to not have been able to duplicate ourselves to be able to simultaneously welcome our visitors in our booth and visit our colleagues in the big make-up family who were all present… But we will be back next year!

Thank you so much! That was indeed a good show for us.

Thank you for all the support. It has been really a great experience as usual.
Our position was perfect and we really appreciated your efforts.

MakeUp in Paris in 2015 probably reached the peak of its brilliant path: an ideal and prestigious venue, an optimal date, a perfectly oiled and friendly organization, a size and attendance finally ideal.
It is going to be hard to beat this and you will need therefore to preserve this demanding balance. We are dreaming to have a skincare trade show in Paris and elsewhere of the same calibre. Congratulations!

MakeUp in Paris in only 6 years has become THE APPOINTMENT for make-up professionals, we have been participating for 5 years now, 4 times with my previous company and this year with Mktg Industry and we have seen the show growing in terms of exhibitors, visitors, quality of the conferences. As far as Mktg Industry participation goes it was a real success: we had more than 100 visitors at our booth mostly from top French brands but also a lot of German, Italian and US brands and this is important it means that MakeUp in Paris is becoming an international show.

The show went fine for us in this ideal venue. Even if it was our first time here, many high potential clients visited our booth. And we were able to get some good results already resulting in some contracts to be signed to supply some. We will certainly be back next year.

MakeUp in Paris 2015 was a fine edition, maybe even a great vintage. Two intense days and excellent business contacts. More than ever, this show is becoming a must in the world of make-up, for brands but also converters.

“MakeUp in Paris confirmed again this year its position as a major appointment for players in the Make Up industry. Two days of much appreciated business meetings in a friendly format.

Year after year this trade show is becoming a point of reference in the cosmetic market. It was a great opportunity to meet our customers, create new contacts and learn about new trends.
Thanks for the excellent organization.

The MakeUp in Paris show at the Carrousel du Louvre, in its 2015 version and its 6th edition, is one of these ‘great vintages’ among the professional events of the make-up industry.
This show really fits both service providers – who came in large numbers to showcase in this magical, intimate, well thought out venue –, and cosmetics brands, very inspired and efficiency-driven: they can indeed, in just two days find new sources of inspiration for their product creativity, feel the zeitgeist, and emerging major trends. They also came in large numbers to the event.
The venue and its layout, even allowed service providers working behind the stage of beauty to hold very constructive, qualitative, multi-departments, meetings with brands (R&D formulation / purchasing / marketing): unique opportunities!!

Thanks to all of you for your warm welcome at the Carrousel du Louvre
. The event was as usual very successful, the atmosphere was friendly and stimulating, exchanges and contacts were of quality.
We very much liked the exhibition on the “historic” make-up tools from Anne Camilli and Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg.
Continue to amaze and inspire us!

Thank you very much for the invitation to attend the MakeUp in Paris and I take this opportunity to congratulate you for the beautiful event.
Congratulations on everything from the warm welcome, the quality and beauty of the event and the excellent lunch in honour of Brazil and especially the care and attention they had with me.
You can always count on me and ABIHPEC for anything you might need.

MakeUp in Paris is reconfirming again as wonderful show for make-up specialists! In the heart of Europe all the main w/w players are deciding here about the future make up trends, it’s exciting!
As global manufacturer of make-up cosmetic packaging we can only thanks all your team for the perfect organization too.

As usual the MakeUp in Paris event has been a great platform to show our innovations and novelties in the best way possible. The atmosphere of this show always allows us to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes all our customers feel good and receive the utmost attention.

It was our pleasure to be a part of such a great exhibition. Congratulations on the growth and continued success of MakeUp in Paris. We look forward to seeing you and your team at MakeUp in NewYork!

First of all we were delighted to be able to meet the Beauteam team at Make up in Paris. A big thanks to Morgane, Chantal and yourself for the support you gave our company during this 2015 edition.
The MakeUp in Paris trade show enabled to make ourselves known among new customer profiles, especially internationally. There was an increase in the number of visitors to our stand compared to the previous year with quality contacts.
We really hope this will result in new partnerships for us.
We were delighted to have contributed to the success of this edition and we can already confirm that we will participate to the 2016 edition.

Bravo for this new edition!
It was great pleasure for the whole GEKA team to participate to it. Paris is a strategic point, we have many customers here.
You always thrive every year to improve the organization and do your utmost best to meet our expectations.

As far as our experience, it was an interesting show with more visitors than the last years. We also met many brand and other customers, showing a deep interest in MakeUp in Paris, more than past editions.
We also experienced the visit of customers from South of France, much more than last years. We are really satisfied and hopefully it’s only a successful start, we are ready to continue and increase the business in future shows.

From the first appointments we were convinced that MakeUp in Paris (and later the MakeUp in…™) is a modern and contemporary concept with bright future. Since the initial edition we are delighted to be part of it and it is a deep pleasure to see it growing and to be working at it with you. Together with your highly passionate team you created an outstanding platform for us professionals of the make-industry with this extraordinary family touch. And what’s best? – Each year, you top it. Bravo!

We confirm that this was a very good show.

Once again this MakeUp in Paris edition was a success for the HCT group.
Two intensive days, certainly even more intense than last year as far as we are concerned. The main advantage of this show is that it gives us the opportunity to meet marketing teams, which allows us to show them, “live”, our latest innovations. And of course this event remains an excellent means of communication and relationship between our company and our dear customers!
Congratulations again to the Beauteam team for this trade show, and we will definitely be present next year!

This show enabled us to see again our alumni who had specialized in cosmetics, secure contacts for both industrial projects, the placement of graduates and apprenticeship sessions. An excellent show for us!

We had many visits of companies who already knew us or met us for the first time.
Some freshly recruited students who had come here to look for their hosting company were proud to see we were here too.
We had many wonderful meetings in a very courteous and professional atmosphere from all exhibitors.

As every year MakeUp in Paris 2015 was well organized, but this year we were in particular happy, to have reached new potential customers, whom we had not reached at any other event.

We are delighted with our participation to the MakeUp in Paris trade show this year.
We had good contacts and the possibility of do public relations with our customers.
The organization of the show is well done, simple for the participation of a foreign company and efficient too.
The team is very professional and attentive.
Congratulations to all!

The organization was very good and your hospitality outstanding. The Innovation Tree was a very good idea that we brought us new customers.

Yes, positive! A great trade show….

A very successful 2015 edition, certainly the most successful since our last participation to MakeUp in Paris. All the ingredients were there to make this event a major event for our industry, with exceptional attendance.

The show has lost nothing of its friendly and professional spirit.

We particularly appreciated the organization of the show, with stands of reasonable size and harmonized that enable to focus on products showcased.
This emphasis placed on the heart of the business helped to have quality contacts with visitors and also other exhibitors. Focused on professionals and their concerns, the MakeUp in Paris and its accompanying services (lunches provided to visitors and at the stands, free bars …) allowed us to concentrate on essential matters and keep visitors in the aisles of the show.

Even better than last year!!…
A stand always full of obviously happy customers, with teams from the same company meeting at our stand to make collegiate decisions.
One of our innovations: the Jumbo Twist Eye Shadow Intense’n Stay which was singled out by the MakeUp in Jury.
The whole of it under the watchful eye of our Eiffel Tower…
See you at the feet of the Statue of Liberty!!! BRAVO Jean-Yves, Sandra, Morgane, Christine, Anne & and the whole team.
Definitely; “It was really a good idea!!!”

We would like to thank you also for your big efforts to let us participate to this show. Our company was very happy with the organization, your efficiency and for this great trade show.
Thanks for your passion and hard work!!

The feeling of our first experience to MakeUp in Paris is very good.
We liked the BtoB concept and assistance to our stand was of high quality and we made very good contacts.
Thank you very much for your kind attention during the preparation and holding of the fair.

Always great to attend this show in Paris.
Beautiful weather, great customers and absolutely good business.

The effervescence and sharing with clients and colleagues, in good humour, was the same as usual. An unmissable appointment.

The show was fantastic as usual. You and the team are doing a great job.

We were delighted to participate again to MakeUp in Paris this year.
A very good 2015 vintage with a sustained number of Customers and Prospects – International players were also well represented.
For Aircos, two good and very busy dynamic days, rich in exchanges.

Thank you Beauteam ! An other winning event !
No other sentence can describe this MakeUp in Paris sixth edition.

Our team was delighted with the MakeUp in Paris in 2015 show!
Indeed, we are satisfied with our 2nd participation, mainly for the following reasons:
Contacts / prospecting: In spite of our booth location a bit far from the main aisles of the show: quality and an increased number in professional contacts developed thanks to this trade show, especially among large international players.
Market watch / Innovation: We discovered beautiful innovations in terms of products, textures and packagings.
Animations: quality, inventiveness and attractiveness of animations, and the conviviality of the cocktail, conducive to discussions with many players. Venue: at the heart of Paris very accessible, in a beautiful and prestigious place.
Organization: In spite of the fact the setting up of the booth was a bit behind schedule, the day before the start of the show, we must congratulate organizers for this beautiful event and the availability of the staff, always eager to meet our various needs.

It was a good show for us, nobody can say directly what will happen, but we have a good feeling. Also the organization was top, congratulation.

Good contacts, an increasing number of international visitors, decision makers too, which is therefore appreciable.

MakeUp in Paris is a must for make-up. We always have very interesting appointments that give rise to product developments after the show. Mostly with large groups: from Project management, R&D, buyers, quite a lot of people actually, with several appointments over two days. It’s a good trade show.

We enjoyed the exhibition in Paris. We had more or less 15 meetings, which is quite good for a first year.

We appreciate your show concepts and encourage you not to grow too much.