MakeUp in Paris: an eight edition boasting a sharp rise!

This eighth edition of MakeUp in Paris marks a turning point! With its number of exhibitors, of course (more than 160!), but, above all, though the number of visitors, with a record number of 3,977 people. A new mark was reach also concerning foreign visitors since more than 1,200 of them had made the trip, from the four corners of the world (60 countries!) to come and visit what has become today “THE” leading European appointment of the make-up and skincare industrial sector. 

The gone through road by this event in eight short years is impressive! Because we must remember the first steps of MakeUp in Paris at the Espace Cardin in 2010. The thirty pioneering manufacturers exhibiting, certainly remember them! As do the six hundred historical visitors of this first edition! At this time of year, in 2010, the weather was hot, so very hot and the air conditioning had not been up to expectations. This year, luckily, it worked perfectly at the Carrousel du Louvre. Eight years later, figures speak for themselves. The number of visitors reached last week in Paris the record number of 3977. But, everyone agrees to say that it is not so much the number but mostly the quality of visitors, which will have prevailed once again. The top management makes the trip to MakeUp in Paris.

The concrete expression of a “unified” chain!

It is true that no ingredient is missing! The offering in terms of global outsourcing in the make-up sector is present for two days. “One thing we are sure of”, explained the organizers, “is that nearly 90% of the world “key” players in the sector are present”. As a result, “key” visitors are there too. All the Sales and Marketing teams (55% of visitors) but also R&D and Purchasing teams (18%) come to MakeUp in Paris. It is also the triumph of this notion of “Full Service” which has stormed through the sector these past years. Ingredients producers, formulas manufacturers, packagings and accessory industrialists increasingly form a very solid and, above all, a very united chain. There is not on one side with some players and another side with the rest of them. Most players in the sector have understood that. They also understood it was important to fully play the card of innovation in a sector that is constantly changing at a phenomenal pace. The influence of the Internet, of social networks, of bloggers pushes payers in the industry, a little more every day, to reassess their strategy. Those who have not understood this trend and have not jumped on the bandwagon yet, are in serious trouble! But, fortunately, they are few.

A multi-faceted event!

This year, undoubtedly more than in previous years, MakeUp in Paris glimmered with a thousand sparks. The offer was comprehensive. From the “Pigments” area where the main players in the “Ingredients” sector were present, to the “Digital” area, at the entrance of the show which was crammed with people and a real permanent attraction, not to mention the tip of the hat to the sector’s heritage thanks to the Permanent Museum…, nothing was missing to make of this eighth edition “the place to be”. A big thanks to all the people who took part, during two days, to this beautiful edition, in particular to all the industry players but also to the make-up Academies, the animators, the speakers and to participants to the conferences (more than 2,000!) and workshops. The Innovation Tree Product once again will have been extremely successful as evidenced by the countless number of visitors revolving around it, touching the vacuum sachets containing the precious products. Many thanks to plastic, glass, cardboard, metal, pigment, formula and accessory manufacturers. And congratulations to the entire MakeUp in Paris team and to its partners.

Let’s meet again next year,… same place, same passion, same enthusiasm!