MakeUp in Paris breaks a new record with more than 80 new products submitted at the IT Products selection!

Since the launch of the competition in 2015, the Selection Committee had never received so many products to evaluate! We warmly thank all the exhibitors who took part by submitting their novelties: Act Beauty, Albéa, Ancorotti Cosmetics, Artcosmetics, Asquan Group, Baralan International Beauty Yaurient Cosmetics, Bell, Bomo Trendline, Cho Chuang Industrial, Cosmei, Cosmogen, Croda France, Daito Kasei, Faber-Castell Cosmetics, Geka, Gotha Cosmetics, Ital Cosmetics, Itit Cosmetics, Libo Cosmetics, Mascara Plus, Mktg Industry, Paristy/Prisma Beauty, Pascual Cosmetiques, Pennelli Faro, Pharmacos, Polychromatic-Keystone Europe, Reboul , Red of View , S&J International, Step Cosmetici, Strand Cosmetics, Sun Chemical/Maprecos, Taiki Cosmetics Europe, Thai Ho Group, Toly, Tre Effe, Weckerle Cosmetics, World Sponge Manufacturing.

Formulas abound with more than 35 novelties revisiting make-up classics, in the image of powders through the personalization and sensoriality of their textures but also transformation formulas with never seen before effects.
In the Full Service and Packaging categories, more than 40 products ingeniously associate new textures – oil or water based or with natural essences – to innovative applicators, making them easier to use and contributing to the personalization of the effect. Finally, the new accessories submitted, are a proof of the vitality of this category in terms of make-up innovation, through the exploration of different cultures and designs, aimed at meeting all styles and requirements.

All the competing products were evaluated and tested by the Selection Committee, who singled out 35 of them to be revealed at MakeUp in Paris on the IT Products area.

We wish to sincerely thank the members of this Selection Committee for their availability and enthusiasm:
– Florence Bernardin, founder of the Information & Inspiration Company, an expert in Asian cosmetic, beauty and well-being trends;
– Lucille Gauthier, Beauty Consultant, styles and Innovation, Consulting Firm, Pecler’s Paris;
– Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, founder of Beautyworld Connections;
– Jean-Louis Mathiez, founder of Cinqpats, a company specializing in cosmetic packaging innovation;
– Luisa Oliva, International Consultant in cosmetics and a formulation expert
– Martial Touze, Professor at the European School of Packaging (ESEPAC)

We are also delighted to welcome Morgane Hilgers, Make Up Artist, as a new member of the committee. Her experience as a professional user and Director of the makeup school she founded will enrich further the expertise of the Selection Committee.