MakeUp in Paris has established itself as “the” exclusive European appointment of the beauty sector!

Close to a dozen new companies will be given the chance to enter the elite circle of make-up suppliers exhibiting at the MakeUp in Paris show, among which, Aptar, Klocke, Merck, Pibiplast, EasyPowder, Unipack, Regi, Bonne, Codif, Da Vinci, Oleos, Seram, Taiki, Hypnotic Cosmetics, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies, Eurovetrocap…

During two days, on 18 & 19 June 2015, over a hundred companies selected for their expertise in the field of ingredients, formulas, packaging and accessories will welcome exclusively high profile visitors from European beauty brands..

In six years, MakeUp in Paris has become “the” reference business event in the sector. “From the ‘organizer side’, what we think matters the most and among other things, truly sets us apart in comparison to other events, explains Sandra Maguarian the Show Manager, is our focus on quality rather than quantity! A winning strategy…., but, above all, a strategy that generates business for those who trust us and who, for more than 90% of them have been steadily participating to this event since its inception six years ago.

A very “Punchy” year!

In the 2015 programme, high-level conferences, of course, but also animations that will “shake” visitors and exhibitors alike! “Punch” is the strong theme of this year 2015, which was successfully launched in Sao Paulo last December. Set up right in the middle of the exhibition centre, a superb boxing ring will enable students from four selected make-up schools to strongly express their powerful and emerging talent with the help of suppliers who will assist them for the occasion throughout their demonstrations.

An innovation trail and a great history!

MakeUp in Paris is synonymous with innovation!

Like its twin brother-events in Seoul, New York and Sao Paulo. An innovation trail will highlight innovative products from exhibitors selected by a committee of experts specialized in formulation, packaging and accessories. A special scenography realized by an interior designer will be set up at the entrance of the show, enabling visitors to immediately discover the novelties and innovations proposed by the selected companies.

Present and future must not obliterate the past without which this industry would not exist. This sixth edition of MakeUp in Paris 2015 will be an opportunity to immerse oneself into the history of make-up and follow the changes, which have occurred in luxury packagings over the past centuries thanks to an exhibition exclusively devised and set up for MakeUp in Paris.

MakeUp in Paris – June, 18 & 19, 2015 – Carrousel du Louvre – Paris