MakeUp in Paris in RED and BLUE

“Inner feelings, conceptions in connection with colour have to do with the intimate, personal experience, individual psychology… Everyone elaborates his own point of view, his “personal “colour swatch” of preferences and aversions…”

Color Management Consultant, Philippe Fagot is endowed with a human sensibility which completes its practice of color by a cultural and artistic skill. His job is (among others!!) to conceive and to pilot programs of corporate culture centered on the “color”. He leads at the same time a research in anthropology and in aesthetics. He is also an author of numerous publications on the Rainbow.

It is thus quite naturally that invitation was made to Philippe Fagot to lead two conferences on MakeUp in Paris 2013. His source of inspiration is YOU!

Answer to the questions, instinctively, and come to discover on MakeUp in Paris, on Thursday June 20th at 3:30pm and Friday, June 21st at 2:30pm, its complete analysis and the decoding of the contemporary conceptions of Red color and Blue color.