MakeUp in Paris innovations 2017: 36 awarded companies!

Out of the 87 products competing this year at the Make-up innovation Award of MakeUp in Paris, a total of 36 were singled out. We though you would enjoy getting a sneak preview of a few products and the insights of Jury members on this exceptional edition, to discover on the Innovation Tree Products at the show, and on the stands of award-winning exhibitors.


The unique texture of the extruded powder developed into a fun and practical chalk shape. Rhapsodie de beauté: use this chalk collection to decorate the face, the eyes and the lips… return to childhood and play with colours.


A vegan lipgloss, with no animal-derived ingredients, based on liquid crystals that produce a dramatic visual impact with a holographic effect..


Ecocert certified, the Slidissime airless jar offers a new and elegant gesture to the user thanks to its “touch & slide” feature which allows choosing the desired dose of product and guarantees high protection to the formula by creating a barrier against oxygen.


A 3D effect that gives this packaging, specially designed for eye shadows, a sensory aspect visually very appealing.


Florence Bernardin
I was very interested / pleased / excited to notice new developments in powders and transformation effects that offer a lot of new opportunities across all segments of make-up.
Sensoriality given to textures is much more important, which is a key point today with regards to the expectations of consumers.
The new forms of application are also very interesting by offering new possibilities for make-up gestures. Metallic and holographic effects allowing riding a fast expanding new trend, are in the spotlight. In a nutshell a fine edition with lots of creativity.

Serge German
The Selection Jury is a great moment of sharing and conviviality between members of the jury and technically motivating.
Submissions, with sometimes varying levels, however often demonstrated the cleverness of manufacturers and a high sensitivity to market expectations.
The high number of competitors highlights both, the sector’s vitality and the opportunities offered by the beauty sector.

Gerald Martines
It is each time very interesting to discover, as a preview, the novelties that the manufacturers will be showcasing. The variety of solutions proposed illustrates the creativity of players and the vitality of this market, which is driven by novelty and differentiation, and which sometimes offers us real innovations. Exchanges with the panel of experts are always very inspiring.

Luisa Oliva
We were stunned by the techno sensory surprises in terms of textures and colours. Transformation textures such as powders that bring freshness thanks to water, coloured films that cover the lips for a guaranteed 4D effect, multidimensional effects for compact powders and, of course, customized products with the Chalk collection.
All the strength of proposition of innovation is present in our selection!

Charles-Emmanuel Gounod
It’s always motivating to see as a preview all these innovations and especially when they come from small or medium-sized companies who are aware that innovation is a great way to differentiate and fight against competitors sometimes much bigger than them.

Lucille Gauthier
First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting the Peclers Paris agency to the Selection Board.
There were a lot of new and diverse products that demonstrate once again that the Make Up sector is more dynamic than ever.
These meetings are also very interesting with regards to exchanges between jury members; coming from the Beauty Trend side, facing more “technical” experts was very rewarding.
Concerning the selection, I am totally in phase with it.
More personal note:
From a trend point of view, this year, the real strong point were the innovations dedicated to Emotion and explorations around hyper-sensoriality: ultra-fresh skin feel, dermo-changing pigments, vibrant shades, phase change powders, 3D reliefs, massaging packagings…
And my personal favourite, the innovation from Paristy.

Jean-Louis Mathiez
We had a lot of very good submissions from exhibitors this year and we spent much more time than we had planned to make the selection. With the packaging offering, most of the time associated with an innovative formula, we had to try the products… An innovative formula requires innovative application tools and this year was rich in offers in terms of applicators for liquids, powders and pasty emulsions. Not to mention the truly new decorative processes enhancing products with holograms or “3D relief”. The explosive formula for innovative make-up is merely as follows: Pack + formula + applicator + decoration. Avoid striking a match when you come near the innovation tree this year!