MakeUp in Paris: only three weeks to go!

There is always something happening at MakeUp in Paris! In three weeks, doors will open on the fifth edition (already!) of what is likely to be remembered, for some time, as the “phenomenon” event of these past years in the beauty industry. A new edition which also promises to be a lot of fun!In five years (only!), MakeUp in Paris has managed to carve a name for itself. Main reason, “because an entire industry, from ingredients to formulas including packaging and accessories, had a strong desire for it to happen.” Wherever the “MakeUp in” concept settles, it is the same enthusiasm, the same conviviality, the same professionalism everywhere.

Happy Birthday!

Who would have thought so in July 2009? It was indeed a risky challenge to take up, but down the road, the success was the one expected! MakeUp in Paris intends to be innovative, professional, loyal and sustainable, modelled after the industry players involved in it. And what a great feeling of pride it must have been for the organizers to see that several companies had decided to associate their history to the (young) one of this event. This is the case with Strand Cosmetics Europe, who will be celebrating 50 years of innovation and creativity. Highlight of the presence of this company, its active participation in the private tour of the Louvre Museum, exclusively organized for the participants of MakeUp in Paris. This is also the case with Oekabeauty who will be recalling, among other things, its hundred years of activity on a dedicated panel in front of the conference area.

It’s party time!

Who says birthday time, said party time! The Italian association, grouping the main Italian players in the make-up industry, the Polo Cosmesi, will invite visitors to taste regional culinary specialities at the Polo Cosmesi bar located in the Delorme hall. To note that the Kusmi Tea brand whose teas, through the delicacy and subtlety of their flavours have been a delight to gourmets since 1867, will also have its dedicated bar set up in the Lenôtre hall, inviting visitors to discover the many possible variations around tea. Not to mention the Vitacoco water, an ultra-moisturizing coconut water that will be offered for tasting at the bar located in the Gabriel hall.

MakeUPainting: when visitors express their talents!

The many areas for expression dedicated to creative people, artists, but also to visitors, whatever their age, is surely one of the strong points of MakeUp in Paris. MakeUPainting is precisely one of these spots. This show area will invite visitors to exercise their talents. Main sponsors of the operation, DuPont Filaments from the DuPont Group but also Toly France, who will supply blank cases, enabling participants to express their talents, not to mention CTK Cosmetics offering jars, Louvrette Gmbh, providing jars and airless bottles and IL Cosmetics, its nail polishes.

Paul Rouffet, a young recently graduated designer, specialized in the fields of packaging and visual identity will animate this space during two days

To note that DuPont will also be the official supplier for the brushes used by the students coming from the five make-up schools and who will be taking part to the famous MakeUParade. And Bioderma, the famous skincare brand, with its Créaline range will be the official supplier of the cleansing products used by students.

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