MakeUp in Paris, only two months to go! 12 conferences 27 speakers!

Only ten weeks to go and the fifth edition of MakeUp in Paris will open its doors at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. A new edition that promises to be particularly rich in terms of animations and information. Twenty-seven speakers will succeed one another next June 12th and 13th, in the conference room, to address topics as diverse as the influence of neuroscience on consumer behaviour, intellectual property, microbial protection, the power and influence of blogs, etc. Not to be missed also the “chromo- cosmetic and dynamic” afternoon organized on June 12 by the Comité Français de la Couleur, not to mention the make-up codes in Japan, Korea and France and intuition as an aid to decision-making and a driver for innovation.

Thursday 12 June 2014

10h/11h15 : Roundtable

Lipstick, lipgloss, lip pencils: state of play, innovations and trends

Roundtable moderated by Thierry de Baschmakoff, Aesthete

With the participation of: Thomas Weckerle, Weckerle Cosmetics; Stefano Castelletti, Faber-Castell; Gerald Oehlhorn, Oekabeauty; Stéphanie Reymond, Strand Cosmetics; Barbara Bauer-Kropf, Schwan Cosmetics; Eric Fresnel, Sleever International.

11:30 am/12:15 pm: Conference

Neuroscience and innovation. How to innovate and keep clients passionate on the long term? by Marielle Belin, La Marque et la Manière.

Neuroscience today help identify and describe, in the behaviour of increasingly elusive consumers, the sources of underlying and stable motivations, coming from an early acquisition process, at the origin of our underlying motivations and passions. Facing highly individualized consumers, less likely to adhere, their “eyes closed”, to a brand and its products, confronted to an increasingly large offer in the field of cosmetics and looking for truly personalized products, how can R&D and Marketing teams take advantage of this new deal, to better understand underlying motivations, design and offer product innovations in line with their “brand DNA”, hit their target groups and gain their loyalty?

With the participation of Jean-Louis Prata, IME (Institut de Médecine Environnementale).

12:30 pm/01:15 pm: Conference

« Inspirations for Packaging: Key trends in colour, prints, and surface design » by Lan Vu and Michael Note, Beautystreams

01:30 pm/02:15 pm: Conference

How to successfully protect its intellectual property?

by François Klein and Matthieu Bourgeois, KGA, Lawyers.

02:30 pm/03:15 pm: Conference

Microbial protection and “intelligent” packagings

by Loic Marchin, CEO of Pylote SAS.

Environmental protection, the ability to create products with less chemicals and the use of the least possible preservatives in formulas are a constant quest in cosmetics; and especially in make-up with sensitive products like mascaras, for example. Pylote’s approach on “clean” products is innovative, as it focuses on the plastic packaging source to eliminate the risk of product contamination.

03:30 pm/04:15 pm: Conference

Power and influence of blogs by Capucine Piot,

The topics will cover B to C communication.

Two areas will be addressed:

– cosmetic brands & social networks

– cosmetic brands & blogger relations

04:30 pm/06:00 pm: The “MAKE-UP IN COLOR” show

As part of meeting sessions with the COMITÉ FRANÇAIS DE LA COULEUR

A chromo-cosmetic and dynamic afternoon, designed by the Comité Français de la Couleur around cross and complementary topics:

“The new language of colour in the beauty world”

“The power of colours in seduction”

“Light and shadow colours”

A production animated by:

Olivier Guillemin, Designer, Creative Director & President of the CFC

Dominique Cuvillier, Writer, journalist and Secretary General of the CFC

With the participation of:

Annie Mollard-Desfour, linguist, lexicographer at the CNRS and author of the Dictionnaire de la couleur, and Jean-Gabriel Causse, Colors Designer, who will give a preview of their new works on colour.

The Studio Berçot, a renowned Parisian fashion school, will stage an exclusive “chromo-cosmetic” fashion show.

Friday 13 June 2014

09:30 am/11:00 am: Conference

Make-up codes in Japan, Korea and France

by Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration.

Different expectations in terms of beauty ideals, different modes of application, different colour codes, different looks…for women, so close and so different, always more beautiful and more natural.

Florence Bernardin, director of the agency Information et Inspiration will decrypt with images and products, the codes and expectations of Japanese, Korean and French women, faced to make-up products.

11:15 am/12:00: Conference

Creativity, innovation, decision support: intuition, a new kind of advice

by Alexis Champion, Iris Consulting and Nicole Lucot Maitrot, Thema_Design agency

Moderated by IRIS Intuition Consulting, in partnership with Thema_Design, an agency specialized in innovation management consultancy through design, this conference will address the privileged contexts and modalities of implementation of intuition to meet the ever extensive and framed needs of companies.

A pioneer in intuitive counselling in Europe, IRIS Intuition Consulting has responded to requests from such clients as EDF, large banks, SMEs – whether their activities related to the industrial or service providing domain –, or from institutions such as the National Museum of Natural History, the Police or Justice.

12:00 /01h00 pm: Conference

3D printable cosmetics applications, colours and trends for 2015

by Antoinette van den Berg, Founder of Future-Touch

Antoinette will focus on 3D print design for the cosmetic industry and shine a light on a 3D printed accessory collection that is in tune with cosmetic trends for 2015.

01:15 pm/02:00 pm: Roundtable

Pigments, innovation and Regulations

Roundtable moderated by Vincent Gallon, Premium Beauty News.

02:15 pm/03:30 pm: Conference and Roundtable

Special focus on the USA:

Beauty and feminity in the USA – Roots & Trends

What makes the American vision of beauty so specific? What are the key trends to follow? East coast, West Coast specifics.

by Leila Rochet Podevin, Inspiration-Création.

The West Coast of the United States: a think-and-do tank

very small at first, have become, thanks to original marketing and commercial strategies, new leaders on both the U.S. market but also abroad. And more start-ups continue to emerge.

A round-table with the participation of: Jill Tomandl, Smash box; Leila Rochet Podevin, Inspiration-Creation; Ingrid Jackel, Physicians Formula

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