MakeUp in Paris “they love it!”

With more than 3200 visitors in two days, this sixth edition of MakeUp in Paris will have beaten all records in terms of attendance. Records in terms of foreign visitors with a percentage of 28%, records in terms of participants to conferences with a total of 1,200 people. When you remember that the first edition in 2010 had gathered 30 exhibitors and welcomed 700 visitors! The main advantages of the “MakeUp in” concept will have therefore once again proven their worth!

A friendly event, focused on a specific sector of the beauty world, easily accessible for exhibitors, in a short time-frame, probably the most efficient in the sphere of trade shows, in terms of cost/contact. But also, and quite simply, an attractive and “beautiful” trade show! The “visitors” positioning was no exception to the rule with a high proportion of people from Marketing and R&D departments. Ingredients but also formulas and packaging were more than ever in the spotlight this year with, for the first sector, a particularly attractive, fully dedicated space. Participants crowded the various workshops, which were organized, on site, by world leading ingredient manufacturers.

A trade show dedicated to “business”

Testimonials are unanimous from both exhibitors and visitors…, above all don’t “change anything” and most of all “don’t grow!” It was striking to see how “business” was present during these two days at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. From the very first minute of the first hour of the first day, stands were buzzing with activity. It was also very surprising to see still so many people at the stands at the very end of the day. “We virtually had not time to take five during these two days,” observed most of participants. “Business” and “real business”, MakeUp in Paris is above all an efficient trade show where its very essence stands in the quality of contacts. “What matters, explain organizers is to have the right exhibitors and the right visitors. Obviously we cannot have one without the other”. No doubt, top professionals were present. With every passing year, the “MakeUp In” concept is strengthening and that’s good news for the dynamics of a highly innovative sector. The innovation tree was also hugely successful.

The forthcoming appointments being MakeUp in NewYork, early September and MakeUp in SaoPaulo, early December. Because this winning concept also exports itself, much to the satisfaction of global beauty players.