MakeUPigments: the reasons for its success!

Since its first inauguration in 2013, the success of MakeUPigments, the show area dedicated to ingredient suppliers, is the same year after year. Intentionally limited to a few flagship companies in the sector, this area will have always attracted a great deal of visitors, most of them coming from marketing and R & D teams of make-up brands. Next June, they will be able to take part to the different workshops organized by the BASF, Sensient and Univar teams. Teams who love MakeUp in Paris and say it! In turn, they will tell us why: Valérie Pian-Parison, Senior Marketing Manager Color Care Europe, BASF Care Creations; Marc Roussel, CEO, Daito Kasei Europe; Maciej Kiela, Marketing Communication Manager, Performance Materials, Pigments & Functional Materials, Merck; Tiffany Ribet-Mikrut, Marketing Administrator Sensient Cosmetic Technologies and Arnita Wofford, Head of Marketing EMEA Personal Care, Univar.


MakeUp in…™: How is your company positioned in the make-up market?

Valérie Pian-Parison: At BASF Care Creations, we create chemicals to meet the needs of consumers. BASF offers brands and sub-contractors a broad spectrum of nacres on 4 different substrates (natural and synthetic), technical expertise in formulation a vision of tomorrow’s trends and provides comprehensive and optimal solutions integrating regulatory constraints.

Marc Roussel: Daito has for decades been the world leader in treated pigments and fillers for the cosmetics industry and more particularly, make-up products. The treatments we offer have helped improve the quality of make-up products: comfort, holding power, water resistance, sebum resistance… From our portfolio, we also offer:
A whole range of multifunctional ingredients, such as natural or synthetic texturizers, film-forming agents, thickening/texturing agents and even bases to facilitate the work of formulators.
A full range of pigment dispersions on various media.
And finally mineral filters in powder form or dispersed for sun protection products.

Maciej Kiela: Merck is the effect expert for make-up and a key supplier to all major cosmetic companies around the world.

Tiffany Ribet-Mikrut: We are a leading company in pigments and texturizers for make-up formulations.

Arnita Wofford: Univar has a division fully dedicated to the pigment market, Univar Colors. We are capable of designing tailor-made products to meet any kind of request. We have a very broad offer that addresses the needs of a very dynamic market.


MakeUp in…™: What is your perception of the MakeUp in Paris trade show?

Valérie Pian-Parison: This trade show, at the cutting edge of the latest make-up trends, is still as convivial and focused. The show is an opportunity to meet very different visitor profiles, due to their functions and geographical origin, which greatly contributes to quality exchanges. And meeting an exchanging with other exhibitors is also very inspiring: in fact, it is a very stimulating working environment!

Marc Roussel: This event is dedicated to make-up professionals. It allows us to meet customers and suppliers, formulators and marketing teams and to have an overall perception of the product.

Maciej Kiela: A hot spot of who is who in the cosmetics business and therefore an event Merck would not want to miss.

Tiffany Ribet–Mikrut: The MakeUp in Paris trade show is a concentrate of the latest trends in make-up.

Arnita Wofford: It is certainly the best choice in terms of exhibition to identify new raw materials and packagings and the latest creations on the make-up market.


MakeUp in…™: What are your motivations to participate to MakeUPigments?

Valérie Pian-Parison: For BASF, participating to MakeUPigments is an opportunity to demonstrate each year our passion for innovation and for staging new colour effects and textures that meet market expectations. It is also an opportunity to interact with brands and suppliers who develop next generation products.

Marc Roussel: We are very excited because this is a first for us! The setting is beautiful and prestigious and the concept proposed is original. We are looking forward to it.

Maciej Kiela: Merck wants to present innovations coming from the Smart Effects™ Programme, which was introduced at MakeUp in Paris 2015.

Tiffany Ribet–Mikrut: The MakeUp in Paris trade show is a great opportunity to see the latest trends and innovations in the make-up sector. This show is the place to meet marketers and formulators and also to introduce our latest launches in this segment.

Arnita Wofford: We want to gain recognition in the field of pigments and meet key players.