Mascara: how to optimize the make-up result?

On Friday 21 June next, from 9:15 10:15 a.m. at the Carrousel du Louvre will take place one of the major conferences of this 4th edition of MakeUp in Paris.

Theme of the round table: “Mascara: How to optimize the make-up result?”

Main initiators and participants: Ancorotti Cosmetics, GEKA and DuPont Filaments.
In Europe, the mascara market could weigh 800 million euros and represent 50% of the eyes product market and about 15% of the total make-up segment. European women are over 54% to believe they could not do without their mascara, while they are only 18% to say the same about their foundation!

Although it seems difficult to have an accurate estimate in volume of the global mascara market, main players agree most often on the figure of around one billion units sold annually. While the ongoing success of this product cannot be denied most manufacturers have announced plans to expand their production capacity.

A product, which is far from simple to design, both in terms of container and content. And the two are inextricably linked… Everything you always wanted to know about mascara but never dared to ask!


9:30: “What is the state of the global and/or European market and what are the issues considering the different techniques at stake? (Injected brushes and/or fibre brushes)” by Sarah Perreard, DuPont Filaments.

9:40: “Producing mascara: A technical challenge” by Pilar Gonzalez and Jérôme De Prémare, GEKA.

9:50: “Bulk: The other technical challenge. The intimate relationship between the texture and its applicator” by Renato Ancorotti, Ancorotti Cosmetics.

10:00/10:15: Debate around the following questions:

– It therefore clearly seems that fibre brushes are currently taking precedence over injected brushes. Do you agree with this?

– The sector remains extremely dynamic particularly in terms of patents filing. Is innovation still possible in this sector?

– “To make-up, to heal,” Could this theme also apply to mascara?

Seats are limited for this conference, if you’d like to participate come from the opening of the show at 9:00 am. To save time at the entrance, register online and get your visitor badge by clicking here.