New ingredients to discover in the MakeUPigments zone

BASF, CRODA, DAITO KASEI, MAPRECOS, MERCK, STÉARINERIE DUBOIS, SUMMIT PHARMACEUTICALS EUROPE are on MakeUPigments – the show area dedicated to ingredient manufacturers –

Innovations in make up and skin care products are most of the time developed in their laboratory. See what they are showcasing at MakeUp in Paris next week.

BASF : The Flamenco® Summit family, Indigo
The latest addition to the Flamenco® Summit family, Indigo, delivers best in class chroma and exceptional brilliance that creates a richer effect in the blue-violet color space. Flamenco® Summit Indigo is a natural mica based interference pigment, sourced safely and responsibly from BASF’s wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA.

“MakeUp in Paris is every year the “not -to- be-missed” event for the European make-up industry. It connects the dots between various suppliers and companies serving the make-up industry such as brands, contract manufacturers, pigment- and packaging suppliers. A true 360° event. “


CRODA : Moonshine ranges of nacres.
These ranges are made of borosilicate-based effect pigments of different sizes with a perfectly smooth and transparent surface. Nacres in the Moonshine Astral range are the finest on the market with an average thickness of 350 nm; they are exceptionally smooth, offer excellent coverage and are stable in suspension. The Moonshine Series range offers a variety of coatings for a wide array of colors, including metal coatings and coatings with organic dyes. The Moonshine Colour Travel range complements the portfolio with a series of multi-reflective interference nacres.

“The cosmetics industry is rapidly evolving at the pace of consumers, and the makeup market is undoubtedly a important driver of these changes. To be a key player in this market, it is essential to stay connected and follow the changes taking place. As such, MakeUp in Paris has become an essential event in the world of makeup. It allows discovering all the novelties and exchanging with all the stakeholders of this world full of colors! MakeUp in Paris is also an opportunity for us, ingredient suppliers, to introduce our new products to a knowledgeable public.”


DAITO KASEI : an alternative to titanium dioxide pigments (Makipure White), and a surface treatment (SFL) for pigments enabling with a single pressure, to obtain all the advantages of a Back-injection process.

“A world leader in the surface treatment of pigments and cosmetic ingredients, Daito Kasei takes part to MakeUp in Paris because this event, with an atmosphere of its own, brings together all the major players in color cosmetics! “


MAPRECOS/SUNCHEMICAL : the new Intenza® range with its palette of bright and intense colors and the SunSHINE® range, offering different particle sizes, which are an alternative to plastic glitters.

“MakeUp in Paris is a key even in the area of color cosmetics in France. It brings together all the players in the beauty sector (brands, contract manufacturers, packaging, accessories, manufacturers), all in a unique setting and venue. A must-attend appointment.”


MERCK : pigments: Ronastar Iconic Copper, Ronastar Quantum Gold and, before its official launch, premiered at the show, the Ronastar Black Allure. These pigments are part of the pigment innovation program called Smart Effects.

“MakeUp in Paris has become a key meeting point for the makeup industry! For us, ingredient supplier, this trade show gives us the opportunity to meet a wide audience, own brands, contract manufacturers, marketing and R & D team, etc. This show allows us to be in contact with the entire industry, over two very dynamic days full of communication events (conferences / workshops) in a prestigious venue in the center of Paris.”


STEARINERIE DUBOIS : DUB ESTOLINE® is a new concept with a gourmand golden honey-like look that combines extreme comfort and a second-skin protection thanks to its new polymer ester, which is obtained by means of a green chemistry process. This ester is appreciated for boosting the sensoriality, the efficiency of skincare formulas as well as for makeup applications. Excellent cohesiveness agent for powders, it enables perfect dispersion of pigments and intensifies colors. This 100% biodegradable, 87% natural raw material, DUB ESTOLINE®, at the image of Stéarinerie Dubois, is a product which is beneficial for both the skin and the environment.

“Much more than a mere trade show, MakeUp in Paris is an interactive discovery setting. This event enables to unveil several innovative products. Through the various workshops organized, a privileged contact takes place with visitors, which allows them to see our products under another angle and explore further the makeup universe. It’s a real opportunity to discover new concepts as well as new ideas, each one, more original than the other.”


SUMMIT PHARMACEUTICALS EUROPE (SUMMITO CORP) : will showcase the portfolio of the Kuncai Company, comprising more than 250 references of nacres, including a new red on synthetic mica from the Aurora® carmine-free, range, and extremely fine nacres for mat effects. On behalf of the Presperse Company, we will present new makeup formulas centered the Optical Wow or Soft Focus concept. The Arcopearl® FEHD effect pigments or the Luxsil® microspheres, cosmetic functional fillers and several sericites will be highlighted in innovative formulations.

“MakeUp in Paris has established itself as THE event in the cosmetic sector in Paris. The Carrousel du Louvre is also an exceptional venue, which contributed in creating this unique atmosphere that the motivated and super professional team of Beauteam has managed to concoct.”