Next June 10th at MakeUp in Paris, you will learn everything about the success of make-up in Iran

On June 10th afternoon, two conferences dedicated to Iran will catch the attention of visitors. The first one delivered by Nilufar Khalessi, founder of Les Persiennes and Persiennes Consulting, will be about “the new faces of Iran; Beauty Fashion and Paradoxes”.
The second one by Gabrielle Faustinelli, Director of International Division at Deborah, will be rather a testimony about the main difficulties and opportunities for foreign brands to penetrate the Iranian market. We must recognize that Iran has become the second largest beauty market of the Middle East, in term of sales, after Saudi Arabia. For about thirty eight million Iranian women, putting on some make-up has become a true ritual before going out.


“Despite trade restrictions which penalized this country, noticed Nilufar Khalessi, and a 35 years embargo, this market concern at least 55% of the population (below 30 years old) and represent a new El Dorado for European brands. As an average, Iranian woman buy four mascaras per month versus one per quarter for the French consumer, according to make-up professionals. Wearing make-up does not infringe Islamic rules in Iran; in fact Islam does not forbid the usage of fragrances or color cosmetics. Iran illustrates once more its millenaries contrasts and the capacity of its population to combine tradition and modernity.”

A promising market

According to an article published by PremiumBeautyNews, only 40% of the Iranian market is controlled by official distributors…. Make up preferences varies according to the different parts of the country. In the North of Iran, colored mascaras and flowery fragrances are preferred, while women in the South will rather prefer black mascaras and heavier, muskier, fragrances. But the Iranian market is far from being saturated.
There is still room for luxury products in the mid prices to low prices market, despite the presence of about twenty Iranian and foreign brands.
This will be the theme of the conference of Gabrielle Faustinelli, Director International Division at Deborah. He will share the experience of his company in establishing its brand in Iran. Apparently, this market, even though promising, is not an easy one.

Between East and West: Iran, a newly opened market?

Friday June 10th:

2016-Khaleesi15h00 – 15:45: The new faces of Iran; Beauty, Fashion and Paradoxes…
Iran is now considered as the new major player in the region with a worldwide influence.
Persiennes Consulting offer to players in fashion, beauty and luxury business a prospective market study about Iran. The first qualitative and trend analysis about this young and promising yet often unknown market.
Conference by Nilufar Khalessi, Founder of Les Persiennes and Persiennes Consulting.

2016-Faustinelli15:45 – 16h00: Testimony of a brand in Iran; The Iranian make up market.
An overview of the main difficulties and opportunities to penetrate the Iranian market (regulations, financial constraints, …)
By Gabrielle Faustinelli, Director International Division of Deborah.