The fun trend of experimental brows

For several years, eyebrows have inspired the Makeup in Paris show’s exhibitors to develop skincare and makeup products to sublimate them, from the most sober to the most whimsical. A key part of facial expression, eyebrows are even more prominent when wearing a mask. Our partner, Fashion Snoops, a trend monitoring and forecasting company, explores the explosion of eyebrow creativity.

Shifting cultural norms and a deep need to express one’s unique self drive a fun trend of experimental brows. While brows have been a central point of focus for years — from microblading and lamination to fluffy shapes — fresh trends are focusing on pushing the boundaries even further. Pinterest’s 2021 Beauty Trends reports referenced “rainbrows,” which encapsulates the shift towards colorful, fun-loving styles that see brows as the new canvas for makeup creativity. In addition, with mask use expected to continue, consumers are looking for ways to accent their eye area in lieu of face makeup and bright lip looks.

Playful options like glitter brows subvert expectations for party looks, while at-home eyebrow dyeing allows consumers to switch their brow color to suit their changing makeup moods. Brands like TooD are helping to turn this space into a fun area of exploration for gender inclusive beauty, encouraging all consumers to have fun with their energetic Brow Color Creams, while Lady Gaga’s Haus Lab’s features a chic, black glitter gel that’s perfect for subtle looks. Accenting brows with embellishments like makeup-friendly stickers, pearl appliques, or crystals creates an artistic feel, shaking up beauty standards in favor of creativity. Even one’s eyebrow placement can be changed, with eyebrow waxes, glues, and fixants helping consumers to create new shapes or even hide their natural eyebrow shape entirely. Tattoos — one of the oldest expressions of identity, personality, and style — also factor in to the experimental brow trend, as consumers increasingly explore temporary eyebrow tattoos, or permanent eyebrow color to fill in sparse areas.



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