This year MakeUp in Paris will be “very trend-oriented”!

MakeUp in Paris is definitely an event like no other! This year again, emphasis will be put on creation, imagination, the future… and on trends with no less than four dedicated events including two workshops led by the two main trend agencies, NellyRodi and Peclers Paris.

Thursday 18 June:

12:00 pm to 12:45 pm – THE NELLYRODI WORKSHOP

A journey through four key “trend” themes of winter 2016/2017 and their Colour decoding by Laurent Le Mouël Fashion and Beauty Creative Director at the NellyRodi agency.

First theme, “Functional”, where will be celebrated the WorkWear and urbanism in its sheer radical geometry. Second theme, “Academic”, where will be put forward the “Beautiful”, the “Force”….up to “Perfection.” Third theme, “Faraway”, where participants will be invited to “hit the road” for a “pilgrimage into the unknown.” Fourth and last theme, “Woodland” and this need to “leave the city” and “get lost in the forest”…

After 25 years at Promostyl’s Creative Management, Laurent Le Mouël is an expert in art, style and lifestyle. His expertise covers broad areas, ranging from the beauty industry to distribution. In 2008, Laurent was appointed Artistic Director of the Gentleman Farmer brand (menswear), taking part to the brand’s styling, communication and strategy. He joined NellyRodi as Creative Director to coordinate the publications and the Fashion and Beauty consultancy missions.


1:30 pm to 2:00 pm – CONFERENCE

CREATION IN COSMETICS – The main driving fashion trends in cosmetics.
With the participation of: Stefano Focolari, Mktg Industry.


4:00 pm to 4:45 pm – PECLERS PARIS WORKSHOP

Colours, Textures, Packaging, Consumer Uses… What are the key socio-cultural trends and creative concepts for the winter 2016-2017 in Cosmetic Beauty?

Lucille Gauthier, Cosmetics & Accessories Stylist-Trend Forecaster at the Peclers Paris agency will present an exclusive excerpt of the Winter Beauty 2016-2017 trend book, in the following universes:

“Poésie Techno”/Whitened sky, cloudy grey & stormy blue, electrified by a luminous mauve,

“Magic cloud”/Smoky gradients, light frosts, airy textures: immateriality is wrapped in a fantasy & evanescent veil for a poetic escape,

“Aura couleur”/Metallic effect, opalescence, reflective pigments, supernatural brightness: a light & fresh palette,

“Daily Party”/Glitters and sparkling effects are back, presented in a subtle multicoloured palette.


Friday 19 June:

10:00 am to 10:45 am – CONFERENCE

What beauty in Korea? Realities of Korean make-up, influences and trends.

With the participation and make-up demonstration of: Dae Kun Tché, Creative Director, Cosmax and Development Director, PurplePatch.