Twenty eight innovations selected at MakeUp in Paris, a record!

Never before in the history of this “Innovation Tree Products” Contest initiated for the first time in 2015, such a great number of suppliers will have submitted so many products. Seventy-five products were evaluated in total by the members of the MakeUp in…™ Expert Committee. With in the end twenty eight of them, displayed at the entrance of the forthcoming MakeUp in Paris on 9 and 10 June next.

A total of thirty three suppliers will have taken part to this edition of the “Innovation Products Tree”. The approximately 3300 already pre-registered visitors will be able to admire, when they enter the show hall, this tree “like no other” on which will be hung the twenty eight selected innovations of this seventh edition of MakeUp in Paris.

A big thanks to officials of the following companies: Aircos, Albéa, Alkos, Baralan, Bomo Trendline, Cosmogen, Coson, Eurovetrocap, Faber-Castell, Fr & Partners, Gotha Cosmetics, ICC, Homer Color Printing, Mktg Industry, Orléans Cosmetics, Polychromatic Keystone, S&J International, Strand Cosmetics, Taiki, Toly, Univar, Virospack and Wisimages.

Out of the twenty eight products selected, visitors will discover ten in the “Formulas” category, ten also in the “Packagings” category, five in the “Full Service” category and two in the “Accessories” category.

These innovations can be summarized in three words, “Bright”, “Sensory” and “Customized”.

“Bright”, “Sensory” and “Customized”!

Because as you will see at the show, 3D effects, “fluorescent” and “metalized” aspects, winning formulas… all have something “bright” about them. Textures are gourmand, protective and enriched with oils or vitamins.

All these products are an invitation to a unique sensory experience, both with regards to the chosen materials the packagings, their presentation and of course, textures presented.

As for customization, it is omnipresent, be it for lip glosses or fluid formulas for the complexion. Each packaging was designed with great care to offer the best gesture and to specifically suit certain new textures.

To note that the impact of the “Digital” trend will be visible for the first time on one of the products displayed on the Innovation Tree Products with an application that enables to find the make-up that fits one’s morphology.

Six experts

We wish to thank for selecting these innovations, six experts from the 2016 MakeUp In Expert Committee:

– Florence Bernardin, founder of Information & Inspiration, an expert in Asian cosmetic and beauty products.

– Pauline Bonafous, Marketing Project Manager at the Creative Trend Forecasting agency, Carlin International Group.

– Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, founder and manager of Beautyworld Connections

– Jean-Louis Mathiez, creator and Head of Cinqpats, an agency specialized in cosmetic packaging innovation.

– Luisa Oliva, International Cosmetics consultant, formulation expert.

– Serge German, Director of the Ecole Supérieure Européenne de Packaging (ESEPAC or European Institute for Packaging Technology).