Twenty two selected products out of seventy-three competing products for you to discover in Paris, on 18 and 19 June 2015 on the Innovation Tree Products

Successfully launched at MakeUp in Seoul, the “Innovation Tree Products” operation puts in the spotlight the most innovative make-up products. Thirty-four exhibiting companies joined the contest at MakeUp in Paris representing a total of seventy three products across all areas of make-up innovation.

More than thirty formulas were presented covering all make-up applications (foundation, lips, eyes,..). The members of the Committee of Experts were impressed by the variety and originality of formulas (silky, supple, water-based,…)

Packaging innovations were not left out with more than twenty presentations. In the “Full Service” category eleven lines were competing, giving pride of place to the look. And in the last category, accessories, a special emphasise was put on brushes.

Six experts, to select the most innovative products

A big thanks to the experts that met last April 30, with among them:

– Florence Bernardin, Founder of Information & Inspiration, a market research firm specialized in Asian cosmetic and beauty products.

– Hélène Capgras, Manager of Brain for Beauty for the Martine Leherpeur consulting firm, specialized in creative business planning for the luxury and beauty market.

– Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Founder and Manager of Beautyworld Connections with a global BtoB experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

– Jean-Louis Mathiez, Creator and Manager of Cinqpats, specialized in cosmetic packaging innovation.

– Luisa Oliva, International consultant in cosmetics with an expertise in formulation.

– Serge German, Director of the Ecole Supérieure Européenne de Packaging (ESEPAC or European Institute for Packaging Technology).

You will be will be able to admire at the show, the twenty-two selected products presented on this Innovation Tree specially designed to support the dynamism of this sector trough out the year, in Seoul, Paris, New York and Sao Paulo.