With “MakeUPigments” ingredients are part of the show!

To offer its participants a comprehensive overview of the make-up industry, MakeUp in Paris will be opening for the second year in a row its “ingredients” area, MakeUPigments, a pole of presentation and animation exclusively dedicated to make-up ingredients suppliers. Exhibitors and visitors will be invited to an educational and sensory discovery of make-up ingredients with the participation of the companies BASF, SAFIC-ALCAN, TOYAL EUROPE and UNIVAR. Enthusiastic explanations are given by the parties themselves!

Valérie Pian-Parison, Senior Marketing Manager in charge of Color segment in Europe, BASF:

“BASF identified since the beginning MakeUp Paris as a key event for color care industry bringing together contract manufacturers, brands and packaging-accessories in a friendly and professional environment. Since 2013, BASF participates as a worldwide leading ingredients supplier. This year 2014, we will do a preview of “Full color” part of the Color trends 2016 collection.

At BASF’s Care Creations, we place consumer needs and wishes at the center of our work. We use our market empathy and our science excellence to turn them into successful products. From classic to cutting-edge, BASF’s Care Creations has a broad spectrum of spectacular effect pigments for color cosmetic formulations. In addition functional ingredients as polymers, emollients, emulsifiers, actives and technology platforms can deliver the solutions needed to achieve exceptional consumer appeal and visual impact.

Using a validated typology system based on consumer archetypes, BASF’s Care Creations has looked into the personal care market in terms of six distinctive groups. These archetypes offer insight and inspiration for products that match emotional needs and wishes. WakeUp Eyes & Lips for energetic archetype(Chione™ HD) and Multidimension Look for creative archetype (Reflecks ™Multidimension),this year BASF’S Care Creations will correlate these archetypes with color trends 2016.

Amélie Bélanger, in charge of Regulatory Affairs and Marketing, Cosmetic Ingredients, Safic Alcan:

“After having taken part for the first time, last year to a conference workshop on ingredient trends Safic-Alcan was able to measure its impact. Customer feedback was very positive and the exchanges also very constructive. In just 5 years, the MakeUp in Paris trade show has become the-not-to-be-missed event for player in the make-up industry. This event enables them to meet, discuss and develop new partnerships. For ingredients distributors, it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase their ranges and introduce their innovations.

The Carrousel du Louvre, a venue epitomizing elegance and luxury, is the perfect setting to welcome in the best possible conditions clients and make of MakeUp in Paris an event of exception. In addition, the Carrousel du Louvre brings a touch of excellence inherent to the world of make-up, enabling Safic-Alcan to offer its clients an exclusive service in a prestigious venue.

As a distributor, Safic-Alcan has an extensive portfolio of ingredients including ranges mainly dedicated to make-up. Safic-Alcan distributes a wide range of ingredients dedicated to colour cosmetics. Our wide range of nacres (natural, synthetic, metal, borosilicate) and of skin feel enhancers, silicone and resins, allows us to meet the expectations of our customers who wish to formulate foundations, polishes, lipsticks or eye-shadows with innovative ingredients. While some of these substances can also be used in skincare, Safic-Alcan is also positioned as a key player in cosmetics. The display counter will enable us to put forward, in optimal conditions, our suppliers: Arkema (Orgasol), Eckart (Syncrystal) and Sudarshan (Sumicos), who are major players in the make-up world.”

Fabrice Morvan, Market Development Manager, Toyal Europe:

“The interest in Toyal in MakeUp in Paris during its three participations as a visitor was greatly amplified by the MakeUPigments animation organized for the first time in 2013. The possibility to participate to MakeUp as an exhibitor, therefore emerged as an opportunity for us, all the more since 2014 promises to be a pivotal year for Toyal who will be significantly expanding its range of cosmetics. MakeUPigments appears therefore as a perfect plateform. For Toyal, MakeUp is a key event enabling to meet, in a unique venue, strategic actors in the field of make-up. It is a privileged place to carry out exchanges with our clients but also an opportunity to identify prospects both in the field of make-up products and packaging. The various animations and conferences, covering many different fields, enrich the Make Up offer and help attract a wide audience.

In 2009, Toyal, a world-renowned company for its range of metallic pigments, launched the Cosmicolor range, which caused quite a stir in the area of effect pigments. The possibility of combining the advantages of metal pigments (opacity, light reflection) with interference pigments (colour varying with the angle of observation) enabled to achieve with the Cosmicolors many developments in the segment of eye-shadows but also especially in nail polishes.”

Brigitte Favre, Product Group Manager PCP, Univar:

Since its creation, we took part to the show as visitors, which enabled us to discover true novelties and innovations. This trade show has now grown significantly and we feel we now must take part to it as exhibitors, to gain visibility at the French and international level. It attracts evermore visitors each year and innovations presented are of high value added. Speakers at round tables, and conferences also have a very high profil. To be both known and recognized as a key player in the make-up world, thanks to our specialized ingredients, is one of our priorities. The world of make-up is a key segment to Univar and also to its privileged partners, Dow Corning and Dow Personal Care.

Our portfolio of ingredients and actives, like the film formers, the silicone elastomers or the pigments enable our clients, manufacturers of finished products, to achieve really exceptional textures and innovate in formulation. Univar offers an infinite range of solutions, with the invaluable support of its laboratory for cosmetic formulation, to meet market expectations and trends for the whole range of make-up products.”