Beauty…, an American obsession?

In today’s rapidly and constantly evolving beauty biz, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Or do they? In this deep-dive look at the state of beauty, Jennifer Stansbury from The Benchmarking Company shares findings from TBC’s latest PinkReport: “The American Consumer’s Obsession with Beauty Products, Yesterday, Today and tomorrow”.

2016-08-02A retrospective look at yesterday’s beauty trends, influencers and behaviors, as well as a comprehensive examination of today’s beauty landscape, the 2016 PinkReport contrasts how far the industry has come in the last decade, and peers into the future at what’s coming next. At MakeUp in New York, Jennifer will explore:

1) Where She Shops: The seismic shift in where women shopped 10 years ago vs. where they shop now. She will detail how successful retailers such as, home shopping channels such as QVC and beauty specialty stores such as Sephora are leveraging an arsenal of tools to woo beauty consumers away from traditional beauty retail powerhouses.

2) The G2G (Girl to Girl) phenomenon and how, with the proliferation of social media, her virtual friend circle has blossomed. TBC will explore how the G2G phenomenon has exploded exponentially over the past 10 years and how social media has changed the way she asks for, and gives her beauty opinions. From online tutorials, to posting selfies, to reading and reacting to product reviews, social networks sell or sink beauty brands and products.

3) Blurred Lines: how masstige beauty brands are quickly closing the gap between luxury and value, and consumers are loving it. The key to their success lies somewhere between innovation, convenience and value.

Who’s who?

Based in the Washington, DC area, Jennifer Stansbury has worked for nearly 20 years as a marketing, communications and research professional, successfully implementing effective marketing strategies to grow market share for companies in many industries. Through the development and execution of laser-focused research programs, her strategic counsel helps clients uncover consumer buying behaviors, consumer wants and needs and garners product claims essential for marketing, advertising, product promotion and sell-through. Jennifer has extensive experience in creating and conducting online and in-person consumer research for the beauty industry.


MakeUp in NewYork – September, 9 – 11:50am – 12:30pm

“TBC’s Ten Year Beauty Benchmark: A Consumer Love Affair with All Things Beauty”
Conference by Jenn Stansbury, co-founder and managing partner at The BenchMarking Company.