Color Trends at MakeUp in NewYork

Successfully launched in Paris in June, the Color Wave by BEAUTYSTREAMS will be displayed at the MakeUp in shows worldwide – New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Seoul.

The Color Wave is a global project created to identify the key color movement for the upcoming year and help brands apply the shades to the respective regions, in which they operate. In each region, the color trend is uniquely adapted to local tastes and skin tones.

BEAUTYSTREAMS, the global beauty industry reference website, presents the second edition of the Color Wave, an exciting initiative in collaboration with the MakeUp in shows.

“In today’s world, cosmetics heavily rely on having the right colors at the right time. But with an overwhelming number of new trends popping up every month, it’s hard to discern which color will be key and how that will translate into local taste, which can vary greatly from one region to another,” explained Lan Vu, Founder and CEO of BEAUTYSTREAMS.

“At BEAUTYSTREAMS, our international experts constantly track the evolution of color and beauty trends. By analyzing the critical factors impacting our world today – from sociological and geopolitical to social media, consumer lifestyles, art, design, film, travel, music, and beauty – we are able to accurately predict future movements,” Ms. Vu added.

On September 12 -13, 2018, the MakeUp in NewYork show will mark the North American edition of the Color Wave project. A special installation was designed by BEAUTYSTREAMS for this occasion, on display at Center415 in New York.

Launching at the show will be the Color Wave trend for 2019: EERIE NEUTRALS – subtle, sophisticated grays with unexpected effect pigments inspired by magical stones.
Click here to download the Color Wave presentation

MakeUp in NewYork exhibitors and attendees will benefit from this unique advance knowledge to gain a strong market advantage.


BEAUTYSTREAMS is the global beauty industry reference. The company helps product development and marketing teams stay ahead of the curve with color predictions, product forecasts, and consumer insights. From a comprehensive content website to corporate workshops and bespoke consulting, beauty brands on six continents rely on BEAUTYSTREAMS’ insights.