Complexion innovations at MakeUp in NewYork

Wondering what we’ll find in the beauty shelves next year?

MakeUp in NewYork, the first BtoB cosmetics event on the East Coast since 18 months will open its doors for 2 days on September 22nd.
Key actors of Skincare and Makeup (suppliers, brands and trend setters) will be gathered during 2 days to co-create and give life to new lines and products.
The IT PRODUCTS are a true institution on MakeUp in shows worldwide, and recognized as a reference for quality and product differentiation by beauty industry professionals.

Lucky you, we have prepared an exclusive sneak peak of innovations to discover on site!

Avant première N°3: Complexion makeup

Looking for a matt finishing loose powder COSMOS Natural certifiable?

The formula doesn’t contain: talc, mica, titanium dioxide, silica. It is also fragrance-free, preservative-free and composed of 99.9% natural ingredients.

Ready for an ultra-sensory experience?

Do not hesitate with a fluid formulation that can be used as a foundation but also as a bronzer or contouring product.

A professional tool specially designed to achieve a perfect complexion

This perfect geometric design offers multiple functions: The angles allow precise application in areas of the face that are difficult to reach, where conventional brushes have the greatest difficulty in applying material evenly. The edges allow the face to be sculpted with great precision, and the large flat top facilitates the material blending.

Make your makeup compact fully recyclable and refillable!

Glue and magnet free to ensure the separability of all components, test this ultra-thin and ultra-light compact that offers the possibility to change at leisure the collection of colors.


See you soon on MakeUp in NewYork, 22nd & 23rd September