Get ready to discover MakeUp in NewYork’s Millenial FavorITes!

MakeUp in NewYork will be open from September 12th to the 13th! As always, the Innovation Tree, displaying innovative products selected by a panel of experts, will stand strong at the entrance of the show! This year students from the Fashion Institute of Technology (see the pictures below!) will evaluate the new products found on the Innovation Tree and present their choices for Millennial FavorITes of the Year to the MakeUp in NewYork audience on Thursday September 13, 2018. It’s already been five years that the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing program at the Fashion Institute of Technology has partnered with MakeUp in NewYork.

And for your greatest pleasure:

On Wednesday, September 12, from 4:15pm to 5:00pm , FIT will host a round table discussion on the “New Business of Beauty” and the challenges it presents for beauty experts, people entering the business, and beauty educators. The panel will highlight FIT alumni and current students. Please join us for an exciting discussion of what’s happening and what the future holds for this exciting and vibrant industry.

Don’t forget to pre-register for this amazing show!

Students from the Fashion Institute of Technology