How to win in an Evolving Color Cosmetics Market

A conference by Marissa Bosler, Senior Communications Executive at Euromonitor International

News uses, new trends, new players…
The U.S. color cosmetics market forecasted to increase 2.4% through 2023 is nowadays facing new challenges that brands are expected to overcome.

How will the industry react to this challenges? How can brands capture a larger share of this fragmented landscape?

Players need to stay atop growth opportunities like cannabis-infused beauty and dermo cosmetic makeup and optimize their retailing strategies to remain competitive over the next five years. In this presentation, Euromonitor International will identify market potential, the latest consumer preferences and trends driving the category in the context of an evolving beauty industry.

Why attend?
• Stay on track with the Beauty market’s latest trends
• Position your next products to be top of mind in your consumer’s makeup and skincare routine
• Stay up to date on the upcoming opportunities and boost your business