In 70 days, your major North American Makeup event will open its doors

Five years already! It was in 2011 that MakeUp in NewYork welcomed its first visitors at the heart of Manhattan. At the time there were “only” 25 exhibitors and “only” 600 visitors. Five years later, this new edition is set to bring together more than 100 exhibitors and over 2,500 visitors! On 9 and 10 September next, the fifth edition will take place for the first time at the Penn Plaza Pavilion, opposite the Penn Station on 7th Avenue. 

MakeUp in NewYork 2015 will appear again as one of the largest appointments of the North American beauty industry. This year again, many conferences, animations will take place in the presence of renowned partners. In the coming days, as we always do, we will keep you informed of the events that will punctuate the two days dedicated to the world of beauty.

Conferences, round tables, trends and debates…

The half a dozen planned conferences and roundtables will bring together more than thirty participants. Debates inspired this year by youth with the intervention of the students from of the Fashion Institute of Technology on September 9, morning…, but also internationally centered discussions with Special Focus on Italy and Korea, two countries, instrumental in the global development of make-up and skin-care formulas. The mastering of the Supply Chain will also be under the spotlight, just like the digital revolution and its influence on the entire beauty industry.

Conference program:


Wednesday September 9th, 2015

10:15am – 10:45 am: “The fascinating story of American make up from the ‘20s to the ‘80s”, narrated by the students of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

The Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing students will be taking us through the makeup trends, techniques & products from each decade of the twentieth century in a video presentation. The video will explain contextual and historical relevance to the makeup of each period, including political, economical and media influences. In addition to the video presentation, the students will be demonstrating several period-inspired makeup looks on models at the show. From The Roaring Twenties to The Mid Sixties, you will be able to see classic make-up techniques & styles transcend time and come back to life in 2015.

10.45 am – 12.30 pm: Supply Chain: New business opportunities in the brands vs. suppliers’ relationship?

Among questions to which participants will answer: “What have you put in place in your own organization to streamline the supply chain between packaging manufacturers, your brands, your distributors and retailers? How important is it for you to have goods delivered to you by truck in five hours or even five days from North America instead of five weeks by boat from Asia. And therefore what is your approach today towards regional supply? What are your views towards building up locally inventory at suppliers and having them managing it with programs like VMA (Vendor Managed Inventory) or even SMOI (Supplier Managed and Owned Inventory)? What will be your suggestions or even recommendations to suppliers to improve this “time to market” and “speed to market”?

Round table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, BeautyWorld Connexions, with the participation of: Laurent Mialhe, Executive Vice President Supply Chain, Shiseido Group USA; Philippe Pavageau, CEO & Founder of VSE-International; Bill Kunz, Consultant, Kunz Consulting Services; Jose Filipe, Executive Vice President, Albéa Americas; Thomas Weckerle, CEO Weckerle Cosmetics, Charles Chang, CEO Topline. Nirav Mehta, AVP Purchasing & Contract manufacturing, L’Oreal.

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm.: “Made in Italy” Lunch Buffet

Afternoon: Special Italy

02:30 pm – 04:00 pm: The Italian economy of Beauty… State of play! Milan and its region at the heart of the make-up dynamics.

With the participation of: Federico Tozzi Deputy Secretary General Italy – America Chamber of Commerce Inc.

The challenges and assets of the Italian industry

Historically, Italy is the cradle of the manufacture of color cosmetic formulas. These are generally family businesses all, or almost all of them, established in a specific area south of Milan and, more specifically, within 60 km of the city of Crema. Among the questions addressed… ” From the formula to full service, you are faced with a market that has become increasingly global. This is both a good thing to foster development but also a drawback, since you have to cope with increasing competition. What are your main strengths and what room for maneuver do you have, given this new economic situation? Skin Care…, Make-up… How do you see the evolution of your markets in the next few years in these two categories, knowing that they are increasingly interdependent? Do you also believe that you will be forced to offer more and more a comprehensive solution to brand owners?

Round table moderated by Luisa Oliva, Maura Gritti, Charles Emmanuel Gounod with the participation of industry suppliers: Cinzia Bessi, Marketing Director, Brivaplast; Mario De Luigi, Co-Founder, Bkolormakeup & Skincare; Roland Baranes, CEO, Baralan; Manuela Guerrini, Sales Director, Omnicos; Vittoria Cicchetti, CEO, Regi; Fabio Bellavita, CEO, ICC.

04:00 pm – 05:00 pm: Distribution, the Italian model.

With the participation of: Dott. Gianluca Bonetti, CEO Deborah Group; Gabriele Faustinelli, International Division, Deborah Group; Mario Verduci, Federazione Nazionale Profumieri, FE.NA.PRO; Federico Tozzi Deputy Secretary General Italy – America Chamber of Commerce Inc.

Thursday September 10th , 2015


10:15am – 11:00am: Color Cosmetics – A Global Trend Update Sarah Jindal will explore the ever-evolving landscape of the global color cosmetics market with a look into the latest consumer insights and the hottest innovations with a focus on multi-functionality cross category products and new sensory attributes. As Mintel’s Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst, Sarah regularly interfaces with key beauty clients and lends her expertise based on over 16 years of experience developing ingredient technologies for beauty and personal care. Sarah’s roles in both marketing and product development covered all beauty and personal care categories with a focus on skincare and active ingredients. Having worked for a variety of companies over her career, Sarah has gained an in-depth understanding of the industry and draws upon not only her work experience but also degrees inBiology, Biochemistry, and Evolutionary Biology.”

With the participation of: Sarah Jindal, Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst – Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel

11:00am – 12:30pm: The Digital Revolution and its impact on the beauty

“The generalization of digital technologies has particularly had the effect of massively equipping consumers with terminals (smartphones, tablet…), allowing them to have access to a large quantity of offers, thus making consumer habits evolve. This phenomenon has not spared the beauty industry and opens up new opportunities for industrials as well as brands by enabling them to have access to very precise information on the profiles and user habits of their clients. These large quantities of data (“Big Data”) can allow professionals to acquire a better knowledge of their consumer market, but require companies to achieve a real “digital revolution”, from a technical perspective by acquiring adequate technological tools, as well as an organizational perspective by adopting a “full digital” approach.”

With the participation of:Julien Decoster, Business Development Manager, Worldline; Matthieu Bourgeois, Lawyer, firm KGA.


2:00pm – 4:00 pm: Why is South Korea such a special market in Asia and what is the influence of this country in the global makeup industry (formulas & packaging).

The Korean Beauty industry never stops surprising us with its dynamism and creativity.

The questions that will be debated are the following:

1) What is the origin of this dynamism?

2) Will this market – because of its strong skincare connotation – have an influence

and why?

3) An influence that also concerns the product’s protection and application. What is

your opinion? Please give some examples!

4) How do you see the future of your business?

Round table moderated by Florence Bernardin, CEO, Info & Inspiration, with the participation of: JK Hwang, CEO, FS Korea; Thomas Hwang, Export Director, Samwha; Gérard Perrin, Senior Consultant, Samwha; Jun-Cheol, Cho, Vice-President Global Innovation Division, Cosmecca; Kim E.H., President Global Sales and Marketing, Hwa Sung Cosmetics; David C. Chung, CEO – Founder, Englewood Laboratories.