In four months, MakeUp in NewYork will be back in Manhattan!

There was no reason to imagine, just a few days ago, that such an opportunity would arise. The Center548 located in Chelsea and in which two “flagship” editions of MakeUp in NewYork (2013 and 2014), already took place, was not only made available but, better, the exhibition space on the ground floor was given 400 additional square meters (4,300 sq.ft.) after two art galleries had moved out of the place. The sixth edition of MakeUp in NewYork on 7 and 8 September next, will therefore take place at the Center548. Explanations by Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois.

Sandra Maguarian & Jean-Yves BourgeoisMakeUp in…™: So, you are back in Manhattan…Why?
Jean-Yves Bourgeois: Everyone knows it! Having chosen Brooklyn, which was a good choice, was a lot due to the fact it was difficult to find a venue that would be large enough to host more exhibitors. Moreover, you also know that finding an attractive and big enough place in Manhattan is a tremendous challenge. The vast majority of show organizers don’t really have much choice.

MakeUp in…™: Quite frankly, the Brooklyn option had been much debated?
Sandra Maguarian: Indeed, and we took part to this debate too. There were some pros and cons… I would say 50/50. Debating is a good thing! But the primary objective of an event organizer is to always make a decision that will benefit to both exhibitors and visitors. It is more important to discuss about the market, products of the future. This debate will indeed have been healthy. You mustn’t be right too early nor make decisions too late.

MakeUp in…™: You still enjoy a strong support from your exhibitors and visitors. In a way, it has become “their” show! And this is certainly not always easy to manage!
Jean-Yves Bourgeois: We are part of a family. And these family members don’t hesitate to congratulate us but also to show us the way. One of our strengths since the start of this adventure has been precisely, to listen to them. Ant this is what we did once again. Stubbornness is not a quality.

L’Oréal Group, partner of MakeUp in NewYork

MakeUp in…™: But returning to Chelsea had nothing to do with the Center548?
Sandra Maguarian: We’ve always had luck with us. First stroke of luck: this place is available again and with more exhibition space. Second stroke of luck: it is located in an increasingly trendy area of Manhattan, with the development of Hudson Yards, the new building complex, which has really become “the new place to be”. Best of all, the L’Oréal Group, who decided to be the partner of the next MakeUp in NewYork, will inaugurate its new headquarters in the same area, next June.
You know that Chanel Parfums et Beauté is our partner at MakeUp in Paris as part of an operation dedicated to Sustainable Development and that the Amore Pacific Group, through its Hera brand, is also our partner at MakeUp in Seoul.

MakeUp in…™: Indeed, there are a lot of good vibes behind the decision of returning to Manhattan.
Jean-Yves Bourgeois: A lot of positive vibes, indeed! This sixth edition of MakeUp in NewYork will be the 19th edition of the MakeUp in…™ shows since the creation of MakeUp in Paris in 2010… And since we’re talking about figures, 70,000 people will have visited our events during these seven years! Not bad for a “niche” event!