In New York in a month, the “Global Beauty” appointment!

In a month, to the day, you will get a complete overview of “Global Beauty” trends across the world. Starting with the most recent US trends and a presentation on September 19, from 10:00 am to 10:45 am by Amanda R. Gonzalez from the NPD Group. A continent where, surprisingly, in recent months the sector has been performing very well. In Europe then, where Michael Nolte, from Beautystreams will present on September 20, from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm the major 2018/2019 fashion and beauty trends. And what about Asia? A key issue, addressed also on September 20 from 01:00 pm to 01:45 pm, by Christophe Pradère, from BETC Design (Havas Group). Three not-to-be-missed conferences detailed below.

MakeUp in NewYork with more than 120 carefully selected exhibitors attending, and 3000 visitors expected, is increasingly becoming year after year, the unavoidable “selective” event of the US Make-up and Skincare sector on the East Coast. The seventh edition, to be held on September 19 and 20 at the Center 415 on 5th Avenue will be no exception to the rule. An all the more unavoidable appointment given that the sector is currently in full swing. Market surveys prove it and visitors will be able to get over two days, a live update on the latest trends and forecasts from speakers participating to theses focused conferences…. Check for yourself…

Tuesday, September 19
The US Beauty Industry – Trends & Strength of a Growing Market That Shines Internationally

10:05 am – 10:45 am:
“State of the US Beauty Industry” Overall state of US business, major trends and consumer behavior Key by Amanda R. Gonzalez, Specialist, Makeup Industry Analyst, Beauty at the NPD Group.

The “State of the U.S. Industry” presentation will provide an overview of current trends, consumer behavior, and future opportunities for the makeup category.
This presentation will cover the following four main areas:

Market performance: The major categories of the beauty industry, the respective roles each are playing in beauty from a high level, and a look at how the category is developing within retail channels.
Growth drivers: An analysis of the drivers influencing the development of the category, from particular segments to overall themes in makeup.
Trend overview: Factors that have played a significant role in makeup for the past 12 months.
“What’s Next?” Opportunities that brands can leverage on, in accordance with themes we foresee as significant to makeup.

Wednesday, September 20

11:45 am – 12:30 pm:
Future Color: Autumn/Winter 2018/19 Forecast for Cosmetics & Hair.

Michael Nolte, Beautystreams, presents his color analysis and forecast for Autumn/Winter 2018/19.
This season, there is a stream of coolness running through the Color Forecast. Contrast is key this season with a meeting of muted and bolder shades. The Moonlight and Regimental color directions represent this contrast through their own self-contained palettes, offering paler and deeper shades to play with all at once. Taking a more subtle stance, Icescape and Cashmere celebrate a contemporary approach to soft neutrals, while Warm Ochres add a harmonious depth to the overall spectrum. And for punch, we turn to Girl Power and Ultra Violet to harness the strength of highly saturated shades and their dynamic energy. For hair color, the contrast exists in light and dark shades, as well as between natural and synthetic colors. Color directions range from Fox Brondes to Moonlit Blacks and Rosewoods. Join us at the Beautystreams seminar for other inspiring color directions.

New chineseness, new beauties !

1:00 pm – 1:45 pm:
“New Chineseness, new Beauties” Conference by Christophe Pradère, CEO & Founder of BETC Design (Havas Group).

Through its rapid economical development, China is now at the crossroad between its heritage and modernity…From its cultural notion of spirituality to a fast pace digital driven society, the merge of the two are creating a contemporary and new vision of China. A tension between the past and the future that is hybridized and creates a new local harmony rather than oppositions.
Among all, a new beauty market has emerged in China over the past few years, echoing with the main other market of Asia: Korea and Japan.
An ecosystem of new brands has sprung out, redefining new local beauty models with a high inspirational potential to influence the definition of the global beauty archetypes of the future.
An inspirational walk through what defines this new Chineseness put in perspective with the other mature markets (Korea, Japan and Western countries).