Indie Brands Surprise, Delight and Push Boundaries

Whether it’s new product forms, unique approaches to packaging, alternative distribution options or the search for “clean” ingredients, indie brands remind us we are only limited by our own imagination.
An innovative method for caring for skin and an ingenious resource for product information, the founders invited to MakeUp in NewYork have fascinating stories to tell.

The Indie category shows no signs of slowing.

Looking at growth, merger & acquisition or investment level, the category continues to defy the odds. How long can this last?

Join us for insights and observations with a panel of 3 indie founders from different categories with different points of view. How do they continue to find the inspiration, momentum, energy and funding in a crowded field? How do they create and connect with their community?

It’s a 24/7 job, juggling priorities, managing the business, staying focused and keeping the ideas coming. These 3 have a lot to say.

Keynote and round table moderated by Karen Young, THE YOUNG GROUP with the participation of:
Kate McLeod, Founder and CEO, THE BODY STONES
Sabrina Noorani, Founder and CEO, CLEAR FOR ME
Angelique Velez, Founder and CEO, BREAKUPS TO MAKEUP