Korea : a beauty guest country at MakeUp in NewYork

Only a few days left until MakeUp in NewYork and we cannot be more excited! The best of the best of packaging, full-service, ingredients, formulation, design and accessories suppliers will be there to present you their new products and lines.

Keeping in the true spirit of innovation, MakeUp in NewYork exhibitors will show you once again how the beauty market can evolve and follow at speed the consumers new behaviors.

Among the exhibitors, some are not to be missed as they will represent during the show the Korean beauty expertise : Korea playing a central role in the development of the beauty industry is now obvious to everyone.

Meet them all September 11&12 at Center415 in Manhattan for 2 days of pure business!

Focus on 5 exhibitors

Cosmax, founded in Korea in 1992, is the number one leading original design manufacturer globally for skincare and cosmetics achieving almost $2 billion in sales last year. Cosmax is dedicated to developing innovative beauty products with more than 600 chemists and 12 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Cosmax, builds upon its strong procurement history with the acquisition of NuWorld Beauty in 2017. Cosmax USA is committed to creating “Made in USA” products with the best innovation, service and customized solutions. Cosmax plans to take the lead in the US cosmetics manufacturing market by strengthening its local production facilities, research and marketing organization.


This year, Cosmecca bring innovative products to MUNY such as “Grinding Balm” and “Dual Drop Balm” which has great texture and sensation as a leading OGM manufacture of balm type foundation product. And also prepared various point make up formulars include lip and brow pens.


Hwa Sung Cosmetics is a Korean color cosmetic manufacturer, which pursuits innovation and high quality. Through its constant efforts and investments, Hwa Sung Cosmetics has become one of the leading manufacturers in innovation. With its success in domestic market, Hwa Sung Cosmetics is now expanding its recognition to all over the world. With its motto, “Integrity, Innovation, and Quality”, Hwa Sung Cosmetics will endeavor to achieve its ultimate goal.


We produce “most loved” cosmetics from the customers and are at the center of the fast changing global healthcare trends. With 100 years of technologies and R&D know-how, we have made a beginning of numerous brands in Korea and overseas. Using convergence technologies between cosmetics, medicines and other fields, we have provided the soil for brands to bloom.


SamHwa provides a complete range of stock packaging including all airless packaging, cushion & stock compacts, jars Heavy blow molding and our latest addition full propel/repel sun stick lines. We are showcasing innovative and luxurious heavy blow molded packaging a perfect alternative to glass and sustainable packaging solutions.


All the Korean Exhibitors