Korea, in the spotlights

The Korean cosmetic market proposes today a new look on beauty: routines, textures, finishes, and of course… products. This is the “Hallyu” effect, the Korean wave, which is storming the world, starting with China. Boosted by this success, the
Korean beauty industry never ceases to amaze with its dynamism and creativity, undoubtedly becoming a leader in innovation, but also research. It will certainly be up to visitor’s expectations at MakeUp in NewYork.
But where does this dynamism come from? How has the Skincare sector, particularly
dynamic in this country, managed to revolutionize the world of make-up and why? Is this
makeup industry set to become the market’s growth driver?
In addition, certain textures, the way to use them and apply them, all bear the
characteristics of a certain Korean specificity. In such conditions, can Western codes also
have an influence on Korean beauty? What will be the market’s new successful product in
the wake of the BB and Cushion revolution? How does the Korean Beauty industry foresee
its future and what will be its international expansion after the importance given to the
Chinese market?

All these topics will be thoroughly discussed at the round table “Special Korea” at MakeUp in NewYork.

The country where innovation is everywhere!

 Foundation in sticks, mascaras with an ultra fine brush, moist and oily textures, vibrating applicators, BB creams, CC creams… innovations abound on the Korean market, whether in terms of design, packaging, applicators or textures and they are also exported. With a cosmetic market weighing 9.7 billion euros, a 10% growth rate per year, more than 700 companies operating in that area, Korea is the unavoidable country for anyone wishing to take an interest in this sector. A flawless complexion, the engine of this dynamism, is very important for women who don’t hesitate to use between 15 and 17 different beauty products in their every day beauty routine. In Korea, women have very sophisticated but discrete make-up, no part of the face is forgotten, while in France, women will favor one specific area like the lips or the eyes. Korea is gradually standing, for the global cosmetic sphere, as a land of inspiration and innovation, where quality goes hand in hand with service. This country is going to become – if it is not already the case – for the coming years, the key supplier, confirm all experts.

September 10, from 02:00 pm: Two hours “non stop” on Korea!

2:00pm – 4:00 pm: Why is Korea such a special market in Asia and what is the influence of this country in the global makeup industry (formulas & packaging).

Round table moderated by Florence Bernardin, CEO, Info & Inspiration, with the participation of:JK Hwang, CEO, FS Korea; Thomas Hwang, Export Director, Samwha; Gérard Perrin, SeniorConsultant, Samwha; Jun-Cheol, Cho, Vice-President Global Innovation Division, Cosmecca; Kim E.H., President Global Sales and Marketing, Hwa Sung Cosmetics; David C. Chung, CEO – Founder, Englewood Laboratories.