Love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art! (Emerson)

For the third time MakeUp in NewYork will invite its exhibitors and visitors to discover a unique exhibition, THE ART OF BEAUTY, featuring vintage cosmetics and makeup objects from the Camilli and Hattemberg collection, and organized by Le Musée à la Carte.

Since antiquity, the Art of Beauty has been combining both skincare and makeup. Taking care of one’s complexion was not only the sign of health, youth or seduction, but also the perfect canvass for makeup. Beauty brands as we know them, were often founded by cosmeticians among which many were pharmacists. Beauty rituals and tools, of course, have evolved and changed throughout time, although some standards of good taste in terms of makeup rules still prevail: “the mouth lips or the eyes, but never both”.

Icons of Beauty

During the 20th century the beauty industry generated unprecedented levels of expansion, and certain skin care and make up products have become widely accepted icons the same way as some of the founders of the most important cosmetic companies. The Art of Beauty started being celebrated in women’s magazines where they found a lot of skin care and makeup advice. Postcards portraying women putting on makeup also tell us a lot about the Art of Beauty in those days!