MakeUp in NewYork 2013 will showcase a private and unique collection of vintage lipsticks

For the first time in the United States, MakeUp in NewYork is hosting an historical exhibition of iconic make-up objects, on September 25th and 26th at Center548.

Expert and collector Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg and curator Anne Camilli, tell the saga of lipstick in the book “Lips of Luxury” in a diapason of vibrant tones of color, historical and technical notes and a whole range of anecdotes.

The result of two years of research, took them into the world of elegance, seduction and beauty. Epitome of femininity, as time goes by, Lipstick has become the accessory that no woman can do without. The exhibition will feature some of the beautiful pieces among the author’s collection gathering more than three hundred pieces from late XIXth century until today.

“The lipstick case is a captivating object of seduction. Over and above the object itself, is the story behind it… the story of a woman, the secret of a romantic femme fatale, or the adventures of a deadly vamp. Each lipstick case hides its own mystery and charm. The color only adds to its attraction, an expression of muted or outright sensuality. Collecting lipstick cases is a like taking possession of the soul of every mysterious and imaginary woman who crosses my mind or sublimates my fantasies. For every one of my lipstick cases there is a woman whose beauty is part of my dreams.” Such are the thoughts of this strange collector fascinated by these beautiful accessories.

Make-up means to United States what perfume means to France: exceptional heritage and expertise, iconic brands and ongoing creativity!

In solid gold or silver, silver or gold plated, inlaid with precious stones or imitation jewelry between 1945-1950, the lipstick case became the new fashion accessory. Lipstick cases signed by Cartier, Hermès, Van Cleef & Arpels or Chaumet rivaled one another in elegance.

Between 1961 and 1963 Revlon brought the lipstick holder back into fashion in the form of a small figurine called the “Couturine Doll Lipstick”, an amusing name which seems to refer to a travel kit containing needle and thread, In brass and thermoformed cellulose sheathed in polychrome and satin, this refillable lipstick case became a charming curio for any dressing table. Each Doll representing a famous actress of the time (Shirley MacLaine, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis)…

More to come… At MakeUp in NewYork.