MakeUp in NewYork 2014: Satisfaction guarantee

As usual, participants to this new edition of MakeUp in NewYork wanted to express their level of satisfaction… And see for yourself, it was high! It is true that all the ingredients were there on September 23rd and 24th in New York to make of this appointment for the make-up industry a great event: two bright sunny days, a particularly rich offer from exhibitors and a record crowd, up by 40% over last year.

Gotha Cosmetics
“You did it again”?! Another amazing industry event.
Thank you for all your tremendous efforts in organizing such an event. It grows every year and I can only be proud of being with Gotha your guests. Yes, I do feel like we are all your guests in your beautiful home. Your gracious hospitality is always warm and impeccable.

“1st year for Brivaplast with big success, great fair with skilled professional insiders, in a great Country!”

Hynt Beauty
I would like to say how much I enjoyed the exhibits and made several contacts that will be very helpful to our small but growing business. I was disappointed however that several times, I was unable to get into the conference room as there was no room-not even to stand. Many of us were turned away including as I noticed people from very large companies. We were upset to be lured with current and pertinent subject matter in your emails and were unable to even listen outside of the curtain. Perhaps you will take this into consideration for your next event.

Touch In Sol Cosmetics / Bonne Co Ltd
Congrats on such a great event! When you have a chance, please send me the application for next year’s Makeup in NY. We are super excited to join!!!

Thank you for putting on a wonderful show. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

Fusion Packaging
Thank you for all your help in planning our booth for 2014. We had a great show and really appreciate all your assistance.

Axilone USA
A well deserved success for fine organizers…
Thank you for your involvement and your help ..
Congrats, the show was a great success!

Weckerle Cosmetics USA
Congratulations on such a great show! I loved everything about it. Hope you have many more to come.
This year we noticed that we had better frequency at the show.

The booths were nice this year with the black walls and we like our location.

Swan Cosmetics Mexico sa de cv
I hope you had a safe trip back home, Thank you and all of your team for the excellent work and care to us, in my perspective this was a better show than last year, the level of attendees are the decision makers in the industry that indeed makes it one of the huge assets for us to exhibit with your organization, my only recommendation is that the show does not grow in order to make it exclusive and desirable for everyone to attend.

Pennelli Faro
We would like to thank you too for our first edition of MakeUp in NewYork.
It was a very positive business event for us and I think it was well organized: good business contacts, nice location, nice hotel at a walking distance, so a well done to you.

B.Kolormakeup & Skincare
Thank to you and to all the Beauteam’s for all the support you gave us .
The show was very well organized and we have been glad to be part of it.

Cosmetics Group USA
Thank you! As always, the show was amazing so thank you x 100000

Participating at this event was very rewarding and in many ways refreshing for BASF. We were part of a wonderfully creative trade show, specifically targeted towards the color cosmetic market, which is unique in our industry. It was especially exciting to interact with customers and colleagues from different segments of our customer base, which allowed for new channels of communication. Our trend presentation was very well attended, and generated a lot of questions and a great deal of interest in our products. Congratulations on an excellent show and venue!

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories
The event was great. I couldn’t believe how many people were taking advantage of the show and soliciting. Is there any way to stop this for next show? Otherwise the booths were very nice and the glass cabinets were helpful as well.

Bright Vision Industrial Co., Ltd.
The design of the booth this time is very good J
And we will attend the next edition of MakeUp in NewYork in 2015, we herein reserve with you in advance.
Please kindly send the application form to us. Thank you!

Thank you so much for allowing us to participate. The show was a great success! We had a high level of traffic that led to some great conversations with existing clients as well as potential future clients.
We very much look forward to participating in future events.

CTK Cosmetics
It was good 2 days exhibition!
We will follow you every year!
Thank you very much!

ABA Packaging
Thank you again for the wonderful relationship and for the opportunity to participate with what has become a premier show in New York.

Jovi Cosmetics
I am very happy with the MUNY show, it was a very good event and I think the visits received in the stand were really interesting. I can’t tell anything to improve, congratulations!

SmashBox Cosmetics
Congratulations on an incredible show and huge success! Everyone I spoke to loves the show!
Here’s a recommendation… Now that the show is growing, it would be great, if it is one more day:) Schedules are so busy.

Eve Pearl
It is always a pleasure be a part of your wonderful event. I am honored to participate in anything you do.
I hope we will continue to collaborate and work together. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. It will always be my pleasure to see you.

HCT Beauty
Thank you very much. We are very grateful for having been invited and very pleased to have been involved in the massive success of MakeUp in NewYork.

Thank you and your team for having us participate. You show gets better and better and FIT is proud to be a participant.

The NPD Group Inc.
Thank you for thinking of us at NPD and giving me a chance to do this. I had a really great time at the event. It was really well done. I hope we do get to work together again.

Anisa International
Had a great show! We always love exhibiting at Makeup in NewYork!
Look forward to working with you for MakeUp in NewYork 2015.